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Individuals involved the plot.

Cancer patient enlisted by Hamas for attacks

The terrorist group Hamas is utilizing the ability of cancer patients to travel to Israel for treatments to transmit messages between the novice terrorists and their handlers in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s domestic security agency, the Shin Bet, has revealed details of its successful discovery and destruction of a terror cell being built by Hamas in the West Bank. Had the infrastructure not been discovered, the West Bank terrorists’ newly-acquired skills in making remote-detonated bombs would no doubt have been put to use.

According to the agency, planned targets inside of Israel included crowded places such as shopping malls, hotels and public transportation.

After recruiting the terrorist, a resident of the Hebron area, clandestine communication included messages transmitted through the patient and her sister, and apparently others.

Shin Bet became aware of the 25-year old terrorist’s existence when he asked his family for help in acquiring bomb-making materials. Had he not been captured, he was due to explode his first bomb in October.

–The Media Line