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Attorney General candidate Kris Kobach
Attorney General candidate Kris Kobach spoke to rally goers at the State Capitol

Conservative candidates rally at the Kansas State Capitol

Conservative candidates held a rally at the State Capitol in Topeka on October 22 to elaborate on their values and beliefs about small government.

Todd Staerkel, candidate for House of Representatives in District 535, led the crowd in singing the National Anthem and talked about how working people are struggling with inflation and high gas prices, and how wages are not keeping up. He also advocated for safe streets and the second amendment. He said he and his wife were tired of hearing about rising fuel prices, inflation and other economic problems, and he wanted to do something about it. He spoke of his love for the Capitol building and for Kansas and Topeka.

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Candidate for House of Representatives in District 53 Bruce Williamson spoke about Gov. Laura Kelly being the first governor in the nation to shut down schools, and her disastrous policies that have helped lead to the loss of jobs and businesses in Kansas. He told how the county health department shut down his own business.

candidate Bill Ripahn

County Commission candidate Bill Ripahn spoke to rally goers at the State Capitol

Bill Ripahn, candidate for Shawnee county commission, spoke about why it’s important to have a conservative Republican in that seat. He mentioned fighting for election integrity and against the lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations, as well as appointing conservatives to local boards, such as the library and others.

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Kris Kobach, candidate for attorney general, talked about how Democratic policies have led to inflation, Afghanistan atrocities, and a border wide open to terrorists and drugs. He listed five ways Biden is attacking the constitution:

  • Denying our First amendment rights by forcing the military to take vaccinations
  • Promoting red flag laws that allow seizing of citizen’s arms without due process
  • Defying separation of powers by canceling student loan debt
  • Ordering OSHA and other agencies to defy statutes
  • Ordering ICE agents & border security to break the law

Kobach noted that the Kansas legislature twice passed a law protecting girls’ sports, both of which were vetoed by Gov. Kelly. Kelly also vetoed the food sales tax reduction twice, before finally supporting it the third time during an election year. Kansans need a Republican governor to get bills passed without a veto, Kobach said.

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Kobach also pointed out that his opponent has stated publicly that he will not defend Kansas laws he disagrees with.

Derek Schmidt, candidate for governor, said Kelly is a Biden Democrat and has the same philosophies as those that have ruined the nation’s economy with inflation and high gas prices.

He listed dome of the errors of Gov. Kelly’s administration and the results of her decisions:

  • Shutting down churches and schools
  • Academic performance is way down
  • Good teachers are leaving the profession
  • 357,000 Kansans thrown out of work
  • Kansas still lags other states in the recovery

Other speakers advocated for a Yes vote on both Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. One would allow the legislature to overturn egregious rules and regulations that violate constitutional rights, and the other protects the jurisdiction of our county sherrifs.

It was also mentioned that Gov. Kelly has been claiming that Gov. Brownback cut school budgets, but in fact he increased state spending on schools every year he was in office.

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice

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