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A letter from Congressional Candidate Jacob Turk to voters in the 5th District

Hi, this is Marine veteran Jacob Turk, your pro-life (endorsed by Missouri Right to Life), parental rights candidate for Congress.

jacob turk

Jacob Turk | Letter to Voters

I’m running against the woke Emanuel Cleaver, an 18-year incumbent who opened a January session of Congress with a prayer said in the name of Brahma. He would have been better off just ending with ‘Amen’.

Are you tired of the woke left and anti-Christian rhetoric?

Are you tired of the high prices caused by record inflation just to feed your family, put gas in your car, or heat your home?

Who do you think should be in charge of what your children learn?

Cleaver voted 100% of the time with Biden and Pelosi.

You can change all that right now by changing who represents you in the 5th District from Emanuel Cleaver to Jacob Turk.

Early voting has started.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a Christian. I need you to get out and cast your ballot for me today.

Don’t let the media discourage you. Your vote counts and makes the difference. Take family members and church friends.

We’re going to need every one of those votes if we’re going to win this election.

My name is Jacob Turk, Republican candidate for Congress.

I ask for and would be honored to receive your vote. God bless you and yours and God bless the United States of America.

–Metro Voice welcomes letters from all candidates.

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