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Israel and its enemies playing key roles in biblical prophecy, scholar says

This year, which is the 75th anniversary of the rebirth of modern Israel, also may be prophetically significant, says Jeffrey Johnson, Ph.D., founder of Israel Today Ministries.

“What is so unprecedented in human history is that a people had been scattered throughout the world for two and a half millennia, and they came back to the exact area that they were birthed,” he says. “That’s unprecedented. God said that would happen.”

Johnson also highlighted how the world today remains focused on Israel, which also is widely seen as prophetic, with headlines routinely covering the tiny nation and numerous countries fixated on seeking the total destruction of the Jewish state. “You have Iran that wants to obliterate Israel,” Johnson said. “You have Syria that wants to obliterate. You have Hezbollah up in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza.”

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He detailed his belief in the importance of recognizing Israel’s significance in scripture, prophecy and current events. He rejected so-called “replacement theology,” describing it as the idea “all the promises to Israel are null and void.”

“When you look at Bible prophecy, you always have to understand that all prophecy points to Israel and we have to ask ourselves, ‘What is God doing in Israel?’” Johnson said. “Then we can answer the question, ‘Well, what is he doing in terms of the last days?’”

He warned against forcing scripture into headlines but noted there are many clear prophetic proclamations in the Bible, describing his belief that China, Russia and Iran could be key eschatological players.

“What is stated in scripture is that there will be a day that there will be a coalition of nations that will be so upset at Israel,” Johnson said. “Now, it doesn’t specify why, but the coalition begins with the leader of that — the first one on a list mentioned – is Persia, i.e. Iran, and it describes a coalition of nations empowered by some country or empire from the north.”

This prophetic confrontation, known as the Battle of Gog and Magog in the book of Ezekiel, has left many Bible experts postulating what could unfold, wondering whether Russia or China could be the nation to the north.

“Evangelical scholars look at this and they go, ‘Oh my goodness. We’re living in the end times,’” Johnson said. “Now, you have China and Russia. The kings of the east are, geographically, any nation, including, for example, Afghanistan, any country east of the Euphrates. You have the kings of east moving today.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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