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Joyce Meyer says prosperity gospel ‘out of balance’

Evangelist Joyce Meyer admit that in the past, her views on the “prosperity Gospel” were “out of balance.”

Meyer, who has received much criticism for her preaching on the prosperity Gospel, shared with her Instagram followers the dangers in taking such theology too close to heart.

“I’m glad for what I learned about prosperity, but it got out of balance,” the well-known Christian author and speaker said. “I’m glad for what I’ve learned about faith, but it got out of balance.”

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Meyer noted that this sort of theology led her to believe that the reason others experienced calamities was due to a lack of faith.

“Every time somebody had a problem in their life, [I thought] it’s because they didn’t have enough faith. If you got sick it’s because you don’t have enough faith. If your child died, it’s because you don’t have enough faith,” Meyer said.

She explained that she has since learned that faith doesn’t ensure that everything will be perfect, but rather it means simply putting your trust in God in all things.

“Faith is something God gives you that you need to use and release in your life. It’s a powerful force but it’s not just an automatic, you put your trust in God, you put your faith in Him,” Meyer added.

Meyer’s announcement came as a surprise to some, as she has been a major proponent of the prosperity Gospel in the past.