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Lennox Young

Missouri State University student shares positive stories through T-shirts with a purpose

Lennox Young, a junior business major at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo., is sharing his faith through T-shirts his business designs. In the past year, he launched an inspirational and motivational product line called Last Run.

“I always wanted a business, but I didn’t know what type of business,” he says.   His goal is to empower others through faith in God and positive messages.

“The reason why I started Last Run was because we face a variety of obstacles in life such as lack of love, relationships, confidence, trust, character and beliefs,” he wrote on his company’s website. “Know that your weakness and fear is only temporary. Everyone has a Last Run, so endure until the end, because greatness is near.”

The name of the company came from a comment he made to a friend while playing a video game. “I said to him ‘This is our last run,’ like, this is our last go around. so let’s make it our best,” Lennox said. “That was the first time I said that.”

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The storyline for each T-shirt is original and features interesting typography or artwork. One says “Masterpiece: Made with divine hands.” Another looks like the front page of a newspaper and reads: “Don’t headline my wrongs, ’cause my worth is so much greater.” In another, the T-shirt is a tribute to “new beginnings.”

“During this time, the world was going through a pandemic, the whole world was upside down almost,” he said. “So we just took the view of looking at life through positivity Each one of my shirts I make, I want to tell a story. The reason I say that is that you don’t really start knowing a person until they tell their story.”

Lennox said money is not his primary motivation for the business. He wants to partner with nonprofits, churches and schools to make a difference.

“It’s more about the message of the shirts,” he said. “It’s about somebody telling their story to make a positive change in the world.”

You can check out the shirts HERE.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice