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Armchair travel: Check out these videos to satisfy your summer wanderlust

Usually our Spring conversations with family and friends reflect upcoming summer travel. However, this year, we do not know if trains and airplanes will be running or if theme parks, museums and hotels will be open. There is no reason to be despondent. There is an abundance of travel videos online for you to enjoy and to view in planning future travel this summer or a year away. Below is a list of destinations you can travel to, and resources to devour,  all while enjoying coffee in your armchair!


ISRAEL One can smell the middle eastern spices just watching the video on Mahane Yehuda. This link allows you to float in the Dead Sea, smell the fragrances in the Bahai Gardens, and visit a kibbutz! If you are inspired to visit Israel, the Metro Voice is sponsoring a tour in March 2021. You can get further information here.

VIENNA This is truly one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Vienna, home to the Hapsburg dynasty that ruled Europe for 480 years, is an oasis of beauty and culture. The video produced by Expedia is one of many vacation destinations you can enjoy on their website.

Anita in Petra, Jordan.

JORDAN Petra, seen in “Indiana Jones” and one of the wonders of the ancient world, is a destination that many wish to visit in Jordan. The country is also the site of many Biblical stories. If you visit Wadi Rum, it will take you months to get the red dust out of your socks and running shoes! When you are snorkeling in the Red Sea, you will be able to see Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. You can also read our story about Jordan here.

Runners take part in the 2019 London Marathon, over Tower Bridge in London.

LONDON It is fun to visit London because we share a common language and history. We also know their history through the many binge-worthy British television shows: Call the Midwife, The Crown, Sherlock, Belgravia, and others. The video is part of the series “Rick Steves’ Europe Travel,” that can be seen on his website. The series consists of ½ hour episodes covering major sites and out of the way destinations.

GERMANY Germany’s Travel Board has created a Facebook page, #GermanyFromHome, with video’s covering cooking, Beethoven, a German vocabulary word on Wednesday, castles, Christmas markets and other exciting destinations to help you through this time of travel from the fridge to your couch.

–Anita Widaman | Metro Voice