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Guest Opinion: Missouri Republicans risk red wave in Midterm elections

The Red Wave of 2022 won’t make a difference if there aren’t enough winnable seats for Republicans across our nation. Winning back Congress starts right here in Missouri today. It will have implications for many issues including religious freedom and abortion just to name a few.

The 6-2 map is being debated today in the Missouri State Senate must be stopped before we can even think about getting the 7-1 map Republicans need to help flip Congress!

Call or email your State Senator. Tell them to vote ‘No’ on the 6-2 map that protects Cleaver, (both SB663 and HB2117 are bad mojo). Their contact info can be found here.

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Jacob Turk

The reality of the proposed 6-2 map is it will be 5-3 in an election or two because in addition to giving away the 5th District for 10 years, it does not protect the 2nd District outside St. Louis which currently is trending Democrat. Democrats are so, so happy with the 6-2 map knowing it will turn into the 5-3 map of their dreams sooner than later. They helped the 6-2 map get out of committee, twice!

Many of you have already contacted your State Senator or State Rep and what you have received in return from those supporting keeping a pro-abortion, gun-grabbing seat in Congress for Pelosi has been misinformation and deception. They want to give away the 5th District and eventually the 2nd District for the next 10 years!

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Nobody likes to be misled. It is time to get mad and take action.

Tell your State Senator if they vote to pass a 6-2 map you will be happy to support a real conservative to run against them in the August primary. Their contact info can be found here.

On the other side of the aisle Democrats across the country are taking action and are eliminating Republican congressional seats at a record pace wherever they completely control the redistricting process. Places like California and Illinois. The Red Wave of 2022 won’t make a difference if there aren’t enough winnable seats for Republicans across our nation. Winning back Congress starts right here today.

Tell your State Senator 10 years is too long to give Pelosi and the Democrats more votes in Congress. Their contact info can be found here.

Yesterday with stunning speed our moderate Republicans with the help of the Democrats passed the 6-2 map that ensures Cleaver will get re-elected for 10 year out of committee. Even though every single witness gave excellent testimony knocking out every reason the pro-Cleaver forces in the Republican leadership have given on why this map must be passed.

Why this map was even drawn is beyond me.

It is not the courts as it has been established they have no jurisdiction to redraw a congressional redistricting map on their own. There are zero cases involving Missouri congressional redistricting where any court has redrawn such a map when the legislature has passed one. The courts have rejected a map one time I can find and the court just sent it back to the legislature for another go.

It is not the Voting Rights Act. As long as a 7-1 map or any map for that matter keeps the 1st District in St. Louis a minority-majority district it is constitutional. The Voting Rights Act as one judge wrote for the majority opinion in v Blunt is not “an affirmative action” law. Cleaver and Eric Holder’s Civil Rights can claim racial discrimination and illegality but just because you say it does not make it a successful court case.

It is not about partisan gerrymandering. The Supreme Court of the United States already has ruled partisan gerrymandering is constitutional.

It is not about the petition initiative process as one Republican State Senator Rowden in committee said, spinning a fantasy about how a 7-1 map somehow favored George Soros and woke Democrats getting abortion legalized in Missouri after SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade. I am not sure if his lack of knowledge about the petition process or his lack of awareness pro-life Trump won 57% of the vote in Missouri is more telling.

This is simply more misinformation to confuse and mislead.

It is not about deadlines or ’emergency clauses’. The Missouri Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft a true conservative who puts his beliefs into action and runs our elections, has stated whenever the map is passed and whether it goes into law before or after the primary, he can and will run the August 2nd primary for Congressional candidates according to the new map. No worries.

Republican State Senator Bernskoetter who favors the pro-Democrat map said yesterday in the committee that he wants to hurry this along because candidates for Congress would like to know what the final districts look like. Says it all doesn’t it. A politician more worried about other politicians rather than the folks of Missouri who put him and all the other Republicans into office.

It is not even about the Cierpiot dream about Missouri turning blue in the next 10 years. Republican State Senator Cierpiot said out loud he believes Missouri could turn from overwhelming Republican to Democrat in the next 10 years as the reason he has so far voted for a 6-2 map.

I don’t know why the Cierpiot dream is so appealing to him that Cierpiot would hurry it along by giving Pelosi and the Democrats one more vote immediately and another in the near future. That one I cannot explain, time to tell him to wake up!

If you are tired of being misled, these Senate Republicans deserving your time and attention to be told to vote ‘No’ on both SB663 and HB2117 are,

Dave Schatz, who wants to be your next U.S. Senator, (573) 751-3678 Dave.Schatz@senate.mo.gov

Caleb Rowden (573) 751-3931 Caleb.Rowden@senate.mo.gov

Mike Bernskoetter (573) 751-2076 Mike.Bernskoetter@senate.mo.gov

Dan Hegeman (573) 751-1415 Dan.Hegeman@senate.mo.gov

Mike Cierpiot (573) 751-1464 Mike.Cierpiot@senate.mo.gov

Karla Eslinger (573) 751-1882 Karla.Eslinger@senate.mo.gov

Bill White (573) 751-2173 Bill.White@senate.mo.gov

It is up to us to keep our Republic by taking action to protect it today.

–By Jacob Turk | Jacob is a Marine veteran, former Congressional candidate for the 5th District and advocated for the people of Missouri in the 2011 Congressional redistricting. Jacob has an engineering degree, owned a custom software business and worked for the insurance commissioners before he felt called to run for Congress in 2006.