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Tim Tebow challenges Christians to find and live out their “micro-mission” for God

Although all Christians have the same macro-mission to love God and others, he also gives each believer a micro-mission designed just for them, Tim Tebow said at the recent Passion Conference.

“Every single one of us has been given a mission by God, for God, and that mission is possible,” he said. “You see on the macro, I believe every single one of us has the same mission: To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. But, I also believe that every single one of us, we have a micro-mission — something that God has designed exactly for you.”

Thousands gathered at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for Passion 2022 last weekend. In a speech titled “Mission Possible: Go Create a Life that Counts for Jesus,” Tebow told the crowd that the conference was about “teaching people to have passion for Jesus.”

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“We have a micro-purpose, something designed exactly for you, that is only for you, because before you were ever born, the God of this universe wrote a poem that in Christ Jesus is a masterpiece for good things for you to do,” he said. “And guess what? Your poem is just for you. It’s only for you. There is something so unique and special that is just for you. In Christ Jesus, you’re a masterpiece.”

Tebow recalled how, when he was 15, he discovered his mission during a trip to the jungles of the Philippines. There he met a young boy born with his feet backward. Because of his deformity, the boy was looked on as “cursed and significant” by his village.

“God opened my eyes and touched my heart, and I believe on that day, God gave me a micro-mission to fight for every little boy and girl around the world like him, to fight for every single person that the world has looked past, to fight for every single person that other people say, ‘They don’t matter,’” he said. “Because to God, everyone matters.”

Tebow has engaged in various charitable efforts through his Tim Tebow Foundation, including partnering with CURE International to build the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. The hospital specializes in helping children with clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft palate and other abnormalities commonly treated in the Western world. The hospital opened in 2015. The foundation also has programs that benefit children with special needs and advocates against human trafficking.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice