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Hear the success stories of Missouri Right to Life-Western Region

I think everyone loves a good success story. They motivate and move us; impress and inspire us. Whenever I attend a pro-life event, whether it’s for Advice and Aid, 40 Days for Life, If Not for Grace, Kansans for Life, or Vitae, a personal success story (or several) is always part of the agenda. Perhaps it serves to validate the organization in our eyes. Surely it affirms the work performed and lives saved.

At Missouri Right to Life-Western Region, we have had a few success stories over the years, from getting help for young and scared unwed mothers who call our hotline to encouraging teenagers who visit our booth to practice abstinence to advocating for families who seek to adopt. We have experienced success with legislative change through petition signatures and pro-life votes.

But the truth is, we just don’t know the scope of our influence. We do not know exactly who is being helped on a daily basis. We do know that we are planting seeds, having conversations, getting information out, lobbying for change, educating the public. We believe that even one life saved, one mind changed is worth the effort of reaching out to the masses, even if we never know the result.

At Missouri Right to Life, the real success stories are the members and volunteers that put faces to the cause. Those warriors who see life as an eternal value to preserve and protect. Who promote a way of life, not just a philosophy of life. Who act in obedience to truth and righteousness, not for earthly accolades or recognition, but for the greater good. Success flourishes, I am convinced, in their faithful, humble, and sometimes anonymous efforts.

At Missouri Right to Life, we understand the magnitude of our fight, but it pales in light of its importance. We will always fight on the side of justice for the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, the oppressed, the abused, and those who hurt alongside them. We may never know what success stories we have been a part of, but we know it’s in God’s hands.

For information, visit Missouri Right to Life – Western Region.