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Advice & Aid: Helping moms create order where chaos exists

I began working at Advice & Aid a little over a year ago. After retiring from teaching, I was looking for a part-time job that provided a sense of purpose. Because of my background in teaching, Advice & Aid hired me to oversee their education program.

Since starting with Advice & Aid, I have had the privilege to help moms on their journey toward creating order out of the chaos of the life changes caused by a new baby. I get to work with expectant moms, dads & moms who have already given birth.

I love helping our moms on a practical level, encouraging them, & offering support. In this crazy year, I have seen moms go from feeling overwhelmed to gaining the confidence to parent and make wise decisions . . . decisions that will provide a better future for them and their families.

Advice and Aid is so much more than just a center that helps women with their unplanned pregnancy. It is a place where we get to know the stories of our moms and help meet many of the various needs they have that make bringing a baby into the world seem so overwhelming. I get to walk with moms through this difficult time and connect them with material help, emotional support, & true friendship. I’m thankful for my new-found purpose here at Advice & Aid, “Creating order where chaos exists.”

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