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Pastors: Join this call to learn about your rights during COVID-19 crisis

Pastors area asked to join a call with the Family Research Council and the nation’s top lawyers to learn about your rights and how the Trump administration is defending them against over-zealous states and mayors across the nation.

Across the country, clergy are meeting the spiritual needs of those suffering from COVID-19. The Family Research Council believes they should be considered “essential” support during this crisis, so we took this up directly with the Trump administration, who thankfully took action.

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A lot of the credit belongs to Vice President Mike Pence and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, both of whom appeared on last Friday’s Washington Watch radio program to discuss.

FRC says they are grateful to see the Department of Homeland Security list clergy under its list of essential workers. After all, if our nation deploys clergy to battle, shouldn’t we also deploy them during this global pandemic? For COVID-19 patients and their families, for maxed-out hospital staff, the answer is yes. In this crisis, the knowledge that you’re not alone, that there is a God in Heaven who cares for you and has a plan for your life, is incredibly empowering.

Please join in Friday as they discuss this important topic and its application for pastors.

–Family Research Council