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Coach Randy Dreiling getting an ice bath.

Area coach angry for ice bath after state championship win

It wasn’t that cold Friday or Saturday with temps in the mid 60s. That didn’t matter for one Kansas City area football coach–it was cold enough.

Randy Dreiling, coach for St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, didn’t appreciate the ice bath he received after the school won their first state championship on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Caught on video, the coach may be reconsidering his over reaction. He angrily confronted the players who were doing what players across the country and even the NFL do every year–celebrate with dumping water on their coach. As the two teams were making their way to the middle of the field to shake hands after the game, Dreiling was the recipient of that age-old tradition.

Most coaches having found themselves on the receiving end of the tradition laugh it off and join in the spirit of the moment.

That wasn’t the case for Dreiling who is taking some drubbing in social media for being so upset.

Caught on film was Dreiling putting his finger in the face of the player who gave him the ice bath, and then turning his anger on the student behind him who is filming the encounter.

After the incident coach Dreiling was asked by a reporter from the Wichita Eagle about the ice bath and his reaction to it.

“No, not a fan of the ice bath. No, nobody ever gives me ice baths. That was a bad deal.”

Coach, that’s because you’ve never won a State Championship before.