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Expect less ‘pride’ this year as Target downplays month

target pride

Target announced that after the backlash it faced last June, only select stores will carry its LGBTQ pride collection this year. The retailer announced on its website that it will be “offering ...

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Pope Francis criticized for getting the gospel wrong

pope gospe

Pope Francis stirred up a new controversy by saying the human heart is “fundamentally good” during a recent appearance on “60 Minutes.” Responding to interviewer Norah O’Donnell’s question regarding what gives him ...

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As attendance drops, Jimmy Carter’s church hires female pastor

carter pastor

Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, was accustomed to having a lot of visitors when former President Jimmy Carter taught a Sunday School class. But now that Carter is in hospice, the ...

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Church service features all Taylor Swift music

swift church

More than 1,200 people recently attended worship services featuring the music of Taylor Swift at a centuries-old church in Germany. The Church of the Holy Spirit, a famous church in Heidelberg that ...

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The left wants Harrison Butker fired over this

butker speech harrison

While a petition calling for the firing of Harrison Butker, one of the greatest placekickers in the NFL, has gained more than 100,000 signatures, sales of his jersey are skyrocketing. Why all ...

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Will a 15-minute church service increase attendance?


Is 15 minutes enough for a church service? It’s the question arousing interest within the U.K.’s Protestant community following the decision by a Welsh minister to offer 15-minute services on Monday evenings. ...

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From City Hall to online trolls, Butker under fire for biblical views

butker tie city

The backlash against Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker continues after his weekend commencement speech at Benedictine College. The devout Catholic called out weak bishops and President Joe Biden’s “delusional” stance on ...

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Former prominent atheist shares journey to Christian faith


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former atheist and leader in the New Atheism movement, has retracted her past assertions that all religions, including Christianity, were equally damaging. “I do regret doing that,” she ...

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Joplin church produces movie on impact of pornography

undefiled movie

One surefire way to promote a quality movie for Christians is to make it yourself. This is just what Journey Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Joplin, is doing. The church’s Light ...

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Boys Scouts of America rebrands

boy scouts

The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to become more gender inclusive. Next February, the 115th anniversary of its founding, it will become Scouting America. “Though our name will be ...

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Controversy leads to re-evaluation of men’s, women’s conferences

The controversy surrounding the recent Stronger Men’s Conference in Springfield has led to a larger conversation about Christian conferences in general. A promo for the men’s conference began with images of a roaring motorcycle, ...

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Parents ignoring AI despite concerns of its effect on kids

summit artificial children parents

Although parents are concerned about artificial intelligence, they are not actively learning about the emerging technology, a new survey from the Barna Group found. Three in four are concerned about AI’s impact ...

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Fewer Americans are reading the Bible: Why it matters

fewer bible

How many people today are engaging the Bible in any meaningful way? Apparently, fewer than you might think. In April 2024, the American Bible Society (ABS) published their annual “State of the ...

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United Methodists vote to remove all bans on LGBTQ clergy, weddings

The United Methodist Church today voted overwhelmingly to allow “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” to be ordained and serve as ministers of the church. The vote, 692-51, was made at their General Conference and ...

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More young adults say Bible transformed their lives

bibles hotel adults bible

Despite the well-documented rise of religious “nones,” new research found that the share of young adults who believe the Bible has had a transformative effect on their lives has increased. “Our youngest ...

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Need a media break? Here are five signs to watch out for

The negative effects of social media on children have been hotly debated. Adults also may benefit from reduced screen time. Here are five signs that it may be time to take a break ...

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John Piper stakes out New Testament position on same-sex relationships in church

Liberty piper east political relationships

Pastor and author John Piper has weighed in on how churches should deal with same-sex relationships. He responded in podcast to comments by Pope Francis last December to allow priests to bless ...

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Patrick Mahomes says he would step away from football for his family

mahomes family

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes put family above football in a recent cover story in “Time” magazine. He said he will keep playing in the NFL as long as it doesn’t “take away ...

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Can we cultivate civility? Braver Angels aims at depolarization

Braver Angels aims to help regular people “disagree better.” It’s no secret that we live in a polarized world. Even if you ignore politics (good luck trying that), you’d also have to ...

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The Dirty Dozen: List of sexually exploitative companies released

sexually exploitative

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has released its annual list of 12 mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation. This year’s rankings includes big tech companies, online retailers and a U.S. law that ...

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Actor James Woods questions growing list of LGBT holidays

james woods

Actor James Woods is expressing his frustration over a growing list of days dedicated to the LGBTQ agenda. His comments echo many after President Biden stirred controversy by designating Easter Sunday as ...

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Updated Vatican policy takes stronger stand against transgender surgery

vatican transgender

Transgender people who undergo surgery to change their bodies are violating God’s plan for human life, the Vatican announced this week. The announcement comes as many European countries, once leaders in promoting ...

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Ministry helps combat ‘epidemic’ of fatherlessness

epidemic fatherlessness

Sean Teis, who was abandoned by his father at a young age, calls fatherlessness a national epidemic. “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that fatherless children are at dramatically ...

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Texas clinic dubbed ‘Frankenstein’s lab’ over gender surgeries

texas gender

A gender clinic in Texas dubbed ‘Frankenstein’s lab’ has performed hundreds of unconventional genital surgeries that many experts describe as ‘dangerous.’ The Crane Center for Transgender Surgery in Austin bills itself as a world ...

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Worldwide fertility rates declining rapidly, new study finds

fertility rates

Not that long ago, social scientists were worried about “unsustainable” population growth. Now, the reality is that fertility rates are expected to fall below the replacement rate in every region of the ...

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