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2,300-year-old gold ring reveals new information about Jerusalem’s past

gold ring

A well-preserved 2,300-year-old gold ring believed to have belonged to a boy or girl who lived during the Hellenistic period has been unearthed in Jerusalem by Israeli archaeologists. The piece of jewelry, ...

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TV special will celebrate biblical  themes behind Juneteenth holiday

juneteenth special

The Juneteenth holiday is as American as apple pie and filled with biblical themes, according to an upcoming TBN special. “Juneteenth: Conversations of History and Healing” will be shown on the network ...

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From 1777 to present, June 14 is day to salute American flag

nike flag day

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress took a break from writing the Articles of Confederation and passed a resolution stating that “the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red ...

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Research confirms Jerusalem was large, significant city in Old Testament times

city of david

When Anita and I organize group tours to Israel we always include the City of David. Visible to our guests are remains of his palace, the treasury and even bathrooms! It’s always ...

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Archaeological find in Sweden sheds new light on Christian burial

christian burial

A 12th century grave recently excavated by Swedish archaeologists provides new clues about Christian burial customs. Several coins were found in the grave of a man whom experts believed was between 20 and ...

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Ancient Biblical manuscript will go up for auction in June


An ancient Biblical manuscript is expected to attract a high price when it goes on sale in June. The Crosby-Schøyen Codex, written on papyrus paper, is dated from A.D. 250 to 350 ...

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Behold the man: Good Friday reminds us of Christ’s humanity

One of the most powerful declarations of who Jesus is came from Pontius Pilate when he said, “Behold the man.” “This statement may seem insignificant, but it reflects a paradox at the ...

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Maundy Thursday commemorates Last Supper, washing of disciples’ feet

maundy thursday

In a week in which Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter, it can be easy to overlook Maundy Thursday. “Maundy Thursday plays a major significance during the Holy Week,” according ...

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Faith and Liberty Discovery Center goes out of business after three years

faith liberty

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia has closed its doors. It had opened three years ago at a cost of about $60 million to showcase the impact of faith on ...

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“Tsunami of evidence” supports accuracy of Bible, professor says

archaeology israel bible

Although numerous recent archaeological finds confirm the accuracy of scripture, the Bible does just fine even without them, said Tom Meyer, an author and professor at Shasta Bible College. “We don’t need ...

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St. Patrick followed God’s leading on amazing journey


Although March 17 has become something of an unofficial holiday in honor of St. Patrick, not everyone knows the fascinating history of the man himself. St. Patrick is the patron saint of ...

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Discovering the 7 Churches of Revelation on the Big Screen

churches revelation

Combining archeology, history, science, and scriptures with film, Tim Mahoney offers a new examination of the warnings written by the apostle John regarding how we should choose to live. The movie theater ...

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The Little War exhibit at National War I Museum shows Great War from children’s perspective

little war

World War I took a heavy toll, not only on the soldiers who fought but also on the families who waited for them at home. The Little War, a new exhibit that ...

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George Wahington preferred lowkey birthdays


While the nation just celebrated President’s Day, George Washington‘s birthday is really Feb. 22, and he would have had it low-key. Washington was born in 1732 on Popes Creek Plantation near the ...

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Valentine’s Day: from Christian martyrs to chocolate

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated, yet least understood holidays in the Western World. It’s also quite popular in countries like India and Iran, where its celebration could still land ...

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“The President and the Freedom Fighter” explores friendship between Lincoln, Douglass

lincoln douglass

A new book looks at the friendship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass as they sought to end slavery. Brian Kilmeade, cohost of “Fox and Friends,” is the author of “The President ...

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Hatred, racism didn’t deter George Washington Carver

Few know George Washington Carver, the humble pioneering researcher and Christian, grew up in Missouri and Kansas. We celebrate him during Black History Month. Human need is really a great spiritual vacuum ...

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Iconic New Jersey diner finds new life in rural Missouri


A beloved roadside diner is coming to central Missouri. Rosie’s Diner, which gained national fame as the setting for a series of paper towel commercials in the 1970s and later was moved ...

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Palestinians attack Church site that protects Jacob’s Well

jacob's well

A Palestinian mob has attacked and damaged a Christian church that preserves the site of Jacob’s Well. Scripture says it is where Jacob once camped about 3,800 years ago, and where Jesus ...

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MLK went by ‘Mike’ until he was 22 and other factoids

luther niece mlk devotional unity

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday the nation celebrates, remains a fascinating and complex figure. Here are six factoids about the civil rights leader you may not know. King opposed the ...

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From ice cream cones to monster trucks, numerous innovations began in Missouri

missouri innovations

Most people know that Missouri is the home of Harry Truman, Jesse James and Mickey Mouse. Fox 2 News in St. Louis uncovered a few other random innovations that had their beginning ...

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Israeli Researchers confirm Goliath’s hometown recorded in II Kings

II kings

Researchers from four universities in Israel said they have validated a disputed event cited in II Kings 2:17 involving a battle in Gath: “About this time, Hazael king of Aram went up ...

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National Park Service will not remove Penn statue after outcry


A famous statue of William Penn, for whom Pennsylvania is named, will not be removed by the National Park Service after bi-partisan opposition. Penn is known for establishing religious freedom in the ...

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Palestinian mob vandalizes Joshua’s Altar

joshua's altar paletinian

Jewish and Christian groups are calling for more protection of archaeological sites after Arab rioters vandalized Joshua’s Altar. The site, located on Mount Ebal, as documented in the Old Testament, is currently ...

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Exciting archaeological discoveries in 2023

discoveries 2023

Archaeological finds in the Holy Land continue to attest to the historical accuracy of scripture. When our organization leads tours of Christians to Israel, they return home feeling they have journeyed through ...

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