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Christians continue to grapple with proper role of artificial intelligence

artificial christians

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence has led to interesting questions about the future roles of humans and AI. The Barna Group and the technology platform Gloo recently asked both Christians and ...

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Data mining company Gloo acquires publications from Christianity Today

gloo today

Gloo, a technology company that helps churches, ministries and events mine personal data on members and visitors, has acquired two sister news sites from Christianity Today: Church Law & Tax and ChurchSalary. ...

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Researching near-death experiences leads author on journey toward faith


Christians have long debated whether so-called near-death experiences are authentic or counterfeit. NDEs, as they are known, are a scientifically recognized phenomenon that occur when people are clinically dead. People often see ...

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Americans more fearful than hopeful about artificial intelligence

americans artificial

Most Americans don’t see a moral or spiritual benefit to artificial intelligence, the American Bible Society said on May 9 in the latest release from its 2024 State of the Bible. Most, ...

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Parents ignoring AI despite concerns of its effect on kids

summit artificial children parents

Although parents are concerned about artificial intelligence, they are not actively learning about the emerging technology, a new survey from the Barna Group found. Three in four are concerned about AI’s impact ...

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Hamas terrorists in Rafah bombard Israel with mortars

hamas rafah

As Israel is pressured into a cease-fire, Hamas terrorists in Rafah continue to attack nearby Israeli communities. At least 10 people were wounded in southern Israel, four seriously, on Sunday when Hamas ...

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Worldwide fertility rates declining rapidly, new study finds

fertility rates

Not that long ago, social scientists were worried about “unsustainable” population growth. Now, the reality is that fertility rates are expected to fall below the replacement rate in every region of the ...

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National digital I.D. passed in Australia

national digital

A national digital identity was approved by Australia’s Senate. With 26 lawmakers voting against the contentious measure and 33 in favor, the bill passed. In a tweet on March 27, Senator Pauline ...

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AI use by students up sharply

ai students

 An AI-based text analysis and plagiarism detection company has released alarming new data about students. Across tens of thousands of college and high school students in seven countries, the company Copyleaks scrutinized ...

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Google in damage control over rollout of biased AI tool Gemini


Google is quickly backpedaling amid criticism of its Gemini artificial intelligence tool, which generates inaccurate historical images. CEO Sundar Pichai sent a letter to Google staff saying the company had effectively betrayed ...

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Earthquake in Oklahoma overnight felt locally

oklahoma earthquake

Residents of central Oklahoma are picking up after a  5.1 magnitude earthquake hit just east of Oklahoma City Friday night. The earthquake hit Prague, Oklahoma, at 11:24 p.m., according to the United ...

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Christians more likely to use AI in their work

christians work

Christians are more likely than non-Christians to use artificial intelligence in their work, a new survey from the Barna Group finds. The data suggest that nearly two-thirds of Christians in the workforce ...

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Google layoff mirrors other big tech companies

google layoff

Google is beginning the year with a massive layoff impacting a wide range of its business sectors. The effort to slash costs comes as META, the owner of Facebook also cuts positions. ...

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Apple Inc. loses case brought by American Family Association


The Christian organization American Family Association, has been handed a victory against Apple Inc. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued ruled in favor of AFA and activist groups regarding the ...

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Elon Musk agrees that West is doomed without Christianity

musk christianity

Entrepreneur Elon Musk recently suggested that he agrees with the assertion that Western civilization is doomed without Christianity. Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue, a British rapper also known as Zuby, posted on X that ...

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Christmas comet visible December 25

christmas comet. Pexels.

There’s a Christmas comet this year, visible on December 25. Named comet Tsuchinshan, but known astronomically as 62P, its 6.5 year orbit will bring it closest to the sun on Christmas when ...

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Researcher now believes near-death experiences prove Heaven


The validity of near-death experiences as proof of heaven is a topic of debate among Christians. John Burke, a pastor and author who has studied and examined more than 1,000 accounts of ...

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Israel uses new “Iron Beam” laser to shoot down Hamas rockets

iron beam

Israel made history in recent days with the first operational use of a laser defense system during its war with Hamas. Its “Iron Beam” laser successfully intercepted an incoming rocket fired by ...

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Zoom cancels webinar of Hamas terrorists

zoom hamas

A scheduled Hamas Zoom webinar was canceled by Zoom after it was exposed on Thursday. The Jerusalem Post alerted the business communication company that the meeting would break company policy. It was ...

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Snow this weekend? Ask El Nino

old almanac el nino

Missourians and Kansans who are enjoying pleasant fall weather also are keeping an eye on what the coming winter may have in store. Local weather forecasters are saying the region could see ...

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Researchers turn to artificial intelligence to read fragile ancient scrolls

intelligence scrolls

Artificial intelligence is helping researchers unlock the secrets of ancient scrolls. University of Kentucky computer scientists used AI technology to read an ancient script that was burned when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. ...

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Free art exhibit, auction at Linda Hall Library benefits STEAM education in Kansas City area

linda kansas

Families with children who are interested in science may want to check out the BioNexus KC Science2Art exhibit and charity auction at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City. BioNexus KC supports ...

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Christians far more likely to own dogs than cats: survey

cats dogs

Three-fourths of U.S, Christians who own pets have dogs instead of cats, a Pew Research Center poll found. The study revealed less than half of pet-owning believers (43 percent) have cats. Furthermore, ...

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Court upholds Kansas ban on gender changes on official documents

license gender documents

A Kansas court on Friday upheld a law that blocks residents from changing the gender listed on their birth certificate. The state Department of Health and Environment said it could “no longer process gender ...

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‘Privacy nightmare:’ Automakers abusing your personal data

personal data

Auto manufacturers are not protecting consumer privacy while collecting driver data. The Mozilla Foundation’s recently released “Privacy Not Included” survey concluded that automakers sold or shared much of their consumers’ personal data, ...

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