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Judicial Watch: An Inside Look at the Trump Trial

judicial trump

Judicial Watch has reviewed the New York trial of Donald Trump and provides this look at the proceedings and facts. The Trump prosecution rested its case Monday with a central question unanswered: ...

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Evangelical leaders respond to survey on Gaza aid without the facts

aid gaza

A survey released Tuesday by National Association of Evangelicals finds a false narrative prevails on humanitarian aid to Gaza. The NAE’s report says “Over 90 percent of evangelical leaders who participated in ...

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Actor Russell Brand’s spiritual quest leads to baptism            

russell brand

Actor Russell Brand has announced that has been baptized as a Christian. The news comes after Brand had been open about his spiritual journey with fans noticing his comments continued to come ...

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Chuck Swindoll resigns as senior pastor


Chuck Swindoll stepped down Wednesday as senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Jonathan Murphy, Ph.D., professor of pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary, will take his place. Swindoll will ...

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Veteran NPR editor blows whistle on newsroom bias


A longtime National Public Radio editor has confirmed what most listeners already knew – as a “public” media entity, NPR does not reflect America. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the newsroom by a ...

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Media Watchdog Reveals Google’s Alleged Election Interference


In a recent study, the Media Research Center (MRC) has brought to light concerning findings regarding Google’s purported manipulation of search results to promote leftist candidates and censor their opponents. The report, ...

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Podcast debate over false teachers includes names Bickle, Hinn, Osteen


Mike Bickle, formerly of IHOPKC, was among several controversial leaders discussed when biblical scholars from different theological backgrounds engaged in a vigorous debate over the biblical definition of a “false teacher” and ...

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Website that accused young Chiefs fan of racism sold, lays off entire staff

chiefs fan family lawsuit racism

The liberal sports blog that accused a 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan of racism has been sold, and the new owner has fired the entire staff. Deadspin went viral in November for ...

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Evangelical, Catholic leaders blast Politico over Christian nationalist comments


Several Christian groups have fired back at Politico after one of its writers recently disparaged the Christian faith. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote slammed ...

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News coverage of Alexei Navalny’s death overlooks dissident’s strong Christian faith


Alexei Navalny, who died under suspicious circumstances in a Russian gulag last weekend, was a man of faith. “We don’t realize how strong we actually are,” he once said. “The only thing ...

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Man who tackled Super Bowl rally shooter hailed as Good Samaritan

super samaritan

The Chiefs fan who tackled one of the suspected shooters at Wednesday’s Super Bowl rally continues to get national attention as a good Samaritan. A viral video appears to show an alleged ...

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He Gets Us commercial kicked off conversation, which is what sponsors wanted

gets us

The He Gets Us commercials that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl have drawn both local and national criticism but the producer is not backing down. Jason Vanderground of BrandHaven, the marketing firm ...

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“Bring All Dads Back Home”: Super Bowl commercial on behalf of hostages

super hostages

Amid the usual promotions for beer, fast food and cars, a commercial during Sunday evening’s Super Bowl encouraged the release of hostages taken during the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. In ...

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Radio network drops Alistair Begg after LGBT wedding advice

begg wedding

American Family Radio (AFR) announced yesterday it will no longer air Alistair Begg’s radio program “Truth For Life” because of remarks Begg made last year about Christians attending LGBTQ weddings. The controversy ...

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Amazon Prime makes huge play for faith-based audience

prime faith-based

With a new production pact, Amazon is making a major bet on faith-based entertainment and hopes to create a pipeline of Christian-focused films and television shows. Amazon MGM Studios announced this week ...

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“Having children is saving the world” quote from Elon Musk featured on billboard 

musk billboard

Elon Musk is the unlikely star of a new billboard in Times Square sponsored by a pro-life diaper company. EveryLife officially kicked off its “Make More Babies” campaign in the heart of ...

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NBC Sports criticized for editing Christian quarterback’s postgame comments

nbc sports

NBC Sports is being criticized for editing the postgame comments of Houston Texans’ quarterback C.J. Stroud after his team’s playoff victory last weekend. The Texans defeated the Cleveland Browns, 45-14, behind his ...

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Palestinian journalists killed in airstrike were terrorist operatives

palestinian journalists

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday presented damning evidence that two Palestinian “journalists” killed in Gaza in an Israeli airstrike on Sunday were terrorist operatives. Media outlets, however, are not asking why ...

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$4.5 million? Ministry Watch lists 100 highly-paid leaders


Who are the 100 highly-paid ministry executives in the United States? Ministry Watch compiled a list with publicly available information derived from the latest Form 990 prepared by each ministry. “We are ...

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Social media made billions in advertising targeting kids

social advertising

Social media conglomerates earned nearly $11 billion from advertising targeting children. Of that, almost $2 billion in ad revenue came from users under the age of 12. YouTube earned the most ad ...

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Fox News pundits list people who should go away in 2024

fox people

Although Jesus told his followers to love all people, they don’t necessarily have to like them. Fox News political pundits compiled a list of politicians and entertainers who were among the most ...

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Engineer for K-LOVE sued for embezzlement

engineer k-love

An engineer for K-LOVE and Air1 radio has been accused of embezzlement by a professional radio association. Shane Toven, a senior broadcast engineer for Educational Media Foundation (EMF) which owns the radio ...

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Missouri attorney general investigating Media Matters for America

media matters

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced on Monday that his office is investigating Media Matters for America for allegedly fraudulent solicitation of donations from Missourians during its efforts to target Twitter. “We ...

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CNN, ABC, Reuters, AP cited for media bias

cnn abc

Nima Elbagir, chief CNN international investigative correspondent published a piece that represents “activism masquerading as journalism.” The Associated Press and Reuters are “quick to report Hamas’s questionable claims.” And ABC “bizarrely” stated that “Israel was violating a ceasefire that had ...

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Young Chiefs fan, parents, undaunted by attacks over face paint

chiefs fan family lawsuit racism

A progressive website accused a young Chiefs fan of being racist for wearing a Native American headdress and painting his face at a recent game. As it turned out, the boy himself ...

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