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TV adventurer Bear Grylls supports Russell Brand in newfound faith

grylls brand

Bear Grylls, the popular outdoor adventure television star and author, is supporting new Chrisitan Russell Brand despite sexual assault allegations against him. “Russell, you know, it was a privilege to stand beside ...

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Chaplains of all faiths prepare for Summer Paris Olympics

paris olympics

More than 120 faith leaders are preparing to spiritually support 10,000 athletes at the Summer Olympics in Paris, which will begin late next month. “We’ll need to bring them back to earth, ...

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In Quitting Church, Americans Gave Up More Than They’d Bargained For

americans church

Now, atheists and agnostics realize the important role a church community plays in the health of the nation. I’ve long argued it’s difficult — really, next to impossible — to practice Christianity ...

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Ugandan church transforming lives of most vulnerable children


One of the Uganda’s biggest church communities is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a series of events, including a book launch by its founder, Pastor Gary Skinner and wife Marilyn, a new ...

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Gen Z reading Bible more, looking for authenticity, survey finds

gen z bible

The recent State of the Bible survey from the American Bible Society offers a ray of hope for younger generations. More than 20 percent of Gen Z adults say they have increased ...

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Muslim convert urges churches to evangelize their local Islamic communities

islamic muslim

Churches need to do more to evangelize the growing U.S. Islamic population, a Muslim Somalian refugee who became a Christian missionary says. “We take our personal discipleship and personal growth very seriously, ...

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Prayer, Bible reading keep actor Matthew McConaughey grounded in his faith

McConaughey faith

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, like most Christians, has experienced his share of ups and downs in his faith journey. “I’m a believer. I believe in God,” he told “Relevant Magazine. “I ...

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This theology is driving young Christians away from Israel

successful church pandemic young theology

Young Christians in the United States are abandoning support for Israel as they increasingly move toward the theology of amillennial and postmillennial eschatology. Support for Israel among this group has dropped by ...

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Older, biblically literate Christians more likely to support Israel, Jewish people

christians jewish

The age and biblical knowledge of Christians shapes their opinion of Israel, the Jewish people and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a recent study found. The comparative study, which simultaneously examined sentiment across mainline, ...

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Faithfulness: Loyalty to the end


“Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. The devil will throw some of you into prison to test you. You will suffer for ten days. But if you remain ...

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Season four of “The Chosen” to launch on app this Sunday after legal dispute

chosen sunday

After a long delay, the producers of “The Chosen” announced that the first episode of season four will be available on the show’s app at 6 p.m. this Sunday. “The wait is ...

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Arab Christian Paramedic Shares the Keys to Peace in a Time of War

arab christian

Yasmeen Mazzawi, a 25-year-old Arab Christian from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, is a testimony there can be unity in Israel. Israel became a nation 76 years ago on May 14, 1948. ...

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CeCe Winans wows ‘American Idol’ audience with performance of “Goodness of God”

winans idol

Although CeCe Winans was not a contestant, she stole the show in the finale of “American Idol.” She joined contestant Roman Collins for a powerful rendition of “Goodness of God.” On Instagram, the ...

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Christian actors “coming out of woodwork” in Hollywood

wonder years

There appears to be a shift in Hollywood for actors who previously thought they had to be under the radar. From Chris Pratt to Denzel Washington and Patricia Heato, actors are speaking ...

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Church service features all Taylor Swift music

swift church

More than 1,200 people recently attended worship services featuring the music of Taylor Swift at a centuries-old church in Germany. The Church of the Holy Spirit, a famous church in Heidelberg that ...

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As other campuses protest, ORU commencement shows unity in viral video


More than eight million people in the past week have viewed Oral Roberts University’s Instagram reel showcasing the 2024 commencement ceremony. The clip highlights ORU’s graduating class and their passionate unity, singing ...

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Americans more fearful than hopeful about artificial intelligence

americans artificial

Most Americans don’t see a moral or spiritual benefit to artificial intelligence, the American Bible Society said on May 9 in the latest release from its 2024 State of the Bible. Most, ...

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Will a 15-minute church service increase attendance?


Is 15 minutes enough for a church service? It’s the question arousing interest within the U.K.’s Protestant community following the decision by a Welsh minister to offer 15-minute services on Monday evenings. ...

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‘Deconstruction’ of Christian faith can have dangerous consequences, author says


“Deconstruction” of one’s faith has become a popular – and concerning – trend in the church, author Alisa Childers said. “I do think it’s a fad, although a lot of people would ...

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As pro-Hamas protests rage, Liberty University students worship

liberty protests

While students on many campuses across the nation protested in favor of Hamas, those at Liberty University gathered on the lawn for a worship service as part of the university’s Campus Community ...

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Successful actor Lucas Black puts family above movie career

lucas black

Despite a successful career in television and films such as “Friday Night Lights,” actor Lucas Black says his family comes first. “I chose to step away from ‘NCIS New Orleans‘ because the ...

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Fewer Americans are reading the Bible: Why it matters

fewer bible

How many people today are engaging the Bible in any meaningful way? Apparently, fewer than you might think. In April 2024, the American Bible Society (ABS) published their annual “State of the ...

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New Scooby Doo series ‘Velma” filled with anti-religious bigotry


Last year, Max released “Velma,” an animated adult “reimagining” of the Scooby Doo franchise that became one of the most hated series in the history of television. On Thursday, April 25, Max premiered a second season of Velma that is ...

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More young adults say Bible transformed their lives

bibles hotel adults bible

Despite the well-documented rise of religious “nones,” new research found that the share of young adults who believe the Bible has had a transformative effect on their lives has increased. “Our youngest ...

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John Piper on energy drinks affecting spirituality

energy drinks

Jesus’ disciples fell asleep instead of praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. Would energy drinks have helped? Bible teacher John Piper recently addressed the question of whether caffeinated drinks such as energy ...

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