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November 2024: “In His Footsteps” Israel Tour

October 2024: Steps of Paul Cruise and Land tour of Greece and Turkey.

Have you dreamed of walking in the footsteps of Jesus? How about Abraham, Joshua, David or the Apostle Paul? Most would say it’s on their “bucket list” and that’s one reason millions make those dreams a reality each year.

Dwight and I formed Heartland to Holyland Tours to bring those dreams to life. After 39 years of travel experience, we decided to create a different type of tour than the ones commonly available. Ours are centered around a personal, small group experience allowing you to see the lands where Jesus and the heroes of our faith walked. But we don’t stop there. Ours is an immersive experience that brings you to the heart of the scriptures by exploring the geography, culture, botany, and people, providing a rich and vibrant insight into the Old and New Testaments. Add to that our experienced archaeologists and Bible scholars who serve as our guides and you have a tour that stands out for its depth and quality.

We have three opportunities for you to join us on our next adventures.  Two tours to Israel – the Holyland, and a cruise through Greece and Turkey as we follow Paul’s journeys spreading the Gospel to the Roman and Greek worlds.

Israel – “In His Footsteps”

Did you ever think it possible to visit the site where God’s chosen people entered the Promised Land of Israel? Have you wondered if you could step back in time and wade through Hezekiah’s Tunnel or walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem as they were at the time of Jesus or visit his boyhood home of Nazareth and touch the actual village wine press he would have stomped grapes in as a teenager?

There are truly few places on earth that have the capacity to affect a life as does the Holy Land – Israel. Here you find a unique collision between the ancient and the future. From walking the avenues of modern Tel Aviv, to stepping onto the now uncovered street that Jesus walked upon or touching your hand in contemplative prayer on the Western Wall, the breath of culture and history represented in this land is absolutely staggering. You truly see God’s hand and movement through time.

To a person, you will hear the testimony that one returning from a journey to the Holy Land is forever changed. It is truer than those words can convey. The Bible now comes to life. You see clearly those things that only previously seemed veiled. You see in color what had been only black and white.

All of our tours include:

  • 10 or 11 day itineraries
  • Lodging is 4-star hotels
  • Smaller group sizes for a more comfortable and personal experience
  • ALL entrance fees to sites including churches, national museums and archaeological digs special events and more!
  • Air-conditioned premium travel coach
  • Licensed Bible scholar and archaeologist tour guides
  • Licensed coach driver (licensed through the Israeli government)
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners
  • Special restaurant dinner on the final evening
  • A unique day in Samaria – the heart of the Bible story Joshua’s Altar and more!
  • Custom and personalized Bible Study Guide
  • Transfers from airport to hotel and back
  • Pre-trip meetings to help you plan
  • Group flights out of the new Kansas City International Airport
  • Flights can be arranged for those outside the area

June 1-12, 2024 – Friends & Family “In His Footsteps”

10 Days and 9 nights

Click Here for our itinerary and additional information

Nov. 2-14, 2024 – Great Awakenings “Touch the Land”

11 Days and 10 nights

Click Here for our itinerary and additional information


Cruise through Greece and Turkey

“Steps of Paul” Tour

October 10–19, 2024 – Steps of Paul 7-night Cruise and Tour plus 2-day Athens/Corinth Land Tour

Click HERE for full itinerary and more info.


Dwight and Anita Widaman journeyed to find the real Apostle Paul on a cruise with Celestyal Cruises. They also followed in the footsteps of other heroes of the faith, including John, imprisoned on the island of Patmos. (pictured)

Two days in Athens and Corinth as we explore these cities central to the early church.


In front of the Library of Ephesus. A friend snapped this but for a few bucks you can have a local do it and return the prints to the coach bus before you leave.

Steps of Paul Cruise departs Saturday, October 12, arriving back in port Saturday Oct. 19

  • Cities/islands include Athens, Corinth, Thessaloniki, Philippi (Kavala), Berea, Istanbul, Pergamon, Ephesus, the Island of Patmos, and more!
  • We’ll follow the steps of the Apostle Paul as he brought the Gospel to the shores of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) and Europe. We’ll even visit the tiny Island of Patmos where John was imprisoned and enter the cave from where he wrote several letters and Revelation.
  • ALL onboard tips, unlimited drink package
  • Three days, two nights in Athens includes transportation from airport to luxury hotel, breakfasts, special welcome dinner, transportation back to the airport for departure, land tour, and tips for guide and driver.
  • Group flights to Athens: TBD

Information and the full itinerary are available HERE.

Please email or you can email us at HeartlandtoHolyland @ gmail.com

Or call Anita at 816-540-5517.