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Metro Voice readers come in all shapes, colors, sizes and ages. But we all have one thing in common–we want news we can trust about the world around us.

We need your support! Here’s how you can help

Do you like what you read in Metro Voice? Do you want to help us grow and reach even more people? You can! The effort of Christian journalism requires lots of things: writers, columnists, advertisers, promotion, website hosting, advertising and, well, keeping the lights on. It’s a grassroots effort.

Whether you are concerned about culture, reaching young people, the persecuted church around the world, stories of people impacting others, or are just looking for good movie, book and movie reviews, there’s a way for you to help ensure Metro Voice can provide these things for many years to come.

Join us in our efforts! Invest as little as $1 a month or make a one-time gift.

We appreciate the partnership with you.


Can You Help?

For 30 years, Metro Voice has been a leader in the faith-based community. We have historically relied on advertising to fund the mission of our publication and sharing the Good News. We are now seeking donation partners who want to support our publication and our mission of faith-based journalism.

Do you like what you read here? Help us continue our mission by supporting Metrovoicenews.com for as little as $1. Every contribution counts, big or small. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and encouragement in these critical times.

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