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Challenges Are a Given. How Do You Respond?

By Linda Fields | The Joseph Company

When you create a plan, plan for a success! Start with the basics of proper planning by stating your desired outcome, listing the resources you will need, creating a timeline, and writing an implementation plan.
But what about the “gottchas” ?

Linda Fields is the Director of the Joseph Company and contributing writer to Metro Voice News.

Linda Fields is the Director of the Joseph Company and contributing writer to Metro Voice News.

A smart planner anticipates potential barriers and forms a contingency plan; but the thing about the unexpected is that you don’t see it coming. The ability to be flexible and fast on your feet when the surprises come is critical in navigating a successful path to overcome your barriers.

For instance, when I led my staff in planning to move into a new building, we were full of anticipation to finally be able to conduct business in a beautiful Corporate Learning Center. Furnishings, systems, networks, and personnel were ready, and we created a timeline and implementation plan for the move. But we didn’t expect the many days of rain and tropical storms we encountered which delayed our timeline. We had so much rain that we began to feel like ducks! We paddled furiously to keep up appearances and do business as usual, just like ducks do when they paddle like crazy with their little webbed feet churning the water while gliding smoothly on the surface.

We can expect challenges to be a normal part of any plan. It is in our reactions and positive responses to these situations that we can still be successful even when it feels like our plans get rained out. Get ready to view the roadblocks as opportunities to create new pathways to success.

We said a prayer, ordered pizza, cranked up the music, packed the boxes, hugged each other, and our plan all came together as we moved into the new building with a slight adjustment to our timeline. Working through the challenge was actually quite exhilarating! After all, it seems someone else was managing the timeline.

“Commit your work to the Lord and then your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 NLT
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Linda Fields is Director of The Joseph Company. Learn more through The Joseph Company events. Ihopkc.org/josephcompany