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Online Adult Education Guide

When you’re pursuing, completing or seeking a degree while working full time or raising a family, flexibility is everything. That’s why most universities  offer online degrees for adults — to give you a way to pursue an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, even amidst a busy lifestyle.

By taking classes online, you’re able to listen to lectures, participate in class discussions and turn in homework and more, all from the convenience of your computer screen. Instead of trying to arrange your work or family schedule around your classes, you can arrange your classes around your lifestyle demands.

Universities design online programs to be adaptable to you! There are countless choices that will fit your particular needs and time availability–all while offering the highest level of quality and ability to help you reach your goals.



Jews, Judaism, Hebrew Scriptures and Land: Foundation Studies for Christians

adatJesus: the “Son of David, King of the Jews, the Messiah of Israel”. If not, then who is He? If not, then who are you worshipping?

Sounds provocative? Or, maybe the incarnational witness of God in the world can be none other than a Jew (from Nazareth)? To know Jesus this way is to know Jesus (see Gospel of John ch.1).

Living and teaching from the only scriptures revealed by God, Jesus lives out a truly human but serious Jewish life in accordance with the righteous instructions of God, as a Torah observant Jew.

Our Jewish Studies classes for Christians and Jews has been an ongoing resource in Kansas City for 21 years. A thousand students have grown uniquely in faith and the knowledge of God and Jesus that root Christian faith in First Century Second Temple Judaism(s), the Land, and the Israel’s Scriptures.

“Learning”, the key to Jewish survival, is also a key for Christian survival. A Biblical faith in an unbroken chain of God in History rooted in the ongoing covenants to and through the Jewish story of redemption is not an option if you really want to “Know Jesus”.

The faith ‘of’ Jesus was a faith in the God of Israel and the revelation of God’s plan for the redemption of the world. Jesus should never be separated from His truly Jewish context and spiritual world view. His practice of Judaism is the Biblical context that prepares the world for God’s name to be one in all the earth, when the nations enjoin themselves to the God of and people of Israel to Jerusalem to worship Him (on the Feast of Tabernacles Zech. 14:16)!

Join us: “In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'” Zech. 8:23

Courses include the study of ancient and contemporary Judaism, Jewish culture through the centuries, Jewishness of Jesus, Rediscovering Paul the Faithful Jew, and so much more!

Classes begin soon. www.adatyeshuakc.com.





After more than 20 years of regret for not finishing college, I decided to make a change and finish what I started. I found Hannibal LaGrange’s degree completion program and decided that taking one class at a time, one night a week would be doable. I loved that the program was designed for working adults; had a clear focus; and provided a clear path to finishing my degree. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to complete their degree and improve their life. I loved that the program focused more on writing and less on rote memorization for tests. The short, focused, one class at a time allowed me to do this a “bite at a time” and even my less than favorite classes were over before I knew it. The eighteen months flew by and 25 years after leaving college, I marched across that stage and received my bachelor’s degree.

One year later, I decided to continue my education and enroll in Hannibal Lagrange University’s Online Masters Degree program for Organizational Management. I loved the flexibility of participating online whenever it worked for my schedule. I gained real world knowledge that applied to my business and helped my business grow. As a small business owner, everything I do must be practical and beneficial to my company or it isn’t worth the investment. Hannibal LaGrange was worth the investment.





Online education, degree programs available at SBU

Southwest Baptist University has a variety of online course options. Prospective students can find online degree programs, while online courses provide flexibility for current students. Working professionals and high-schoolers interested in college-level classes have options at SBU, too.

Online courses can help a student meet graduation requirements, ease a packed semester or study material at their own pace. These courses are available during semesters, as well as summer or winter.

Students in their last two years of high school can take dual credit courses. Online dual-credit courses provide an independent, web-based format. This is ideal if seated dual-credit courses are not offered at a school near you.

education onlneOnline Independent Study is ideal for students who want to take SBU courses but would like to learn at their own pace. Students have four months to complete the material, and courses can be started at any time.
Online and hybrid degree programs through SBU make achieving educational goals attainable. Fully online degree programs are available in the areas of nursing/health sciences, graduate education and master of business administration.

Nursing and Health Sciences online:

  • Associate of Applied Sciences (online/classroom hybrid)
  • Associate of Science in Health Sciences (online)
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (online)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-RN completion (online)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (online/classroom hybrid)

Master of Science in Education online:

  • Curriculum and Instruction (online or an online/classroom hybrid)
  • Instructional Technology Leadership (online)

Master of Business Administration online:

  • Professional Track (online) — Available with a Health Administration concentration
  • Residential Track (online/classroom hybrid)

SBU is known for academic excellence. Faculty challenge and encourage students to integrate faith in the classroom and in online discussions. SBU’s passion for higher education has made its graduate degree programs more affordable than other private graduate programs of comparable size.
For more information about online and seated programs at SBU, visit www.SBUniv.edu.







Heart Of America Bible College was established to train men and women for Christian service in the 21st Century. A non-traditional educational delivery system has proven to be very effective in accomplishing this goal. We are committed to the time honored teachings of the Bible, yet “staying in step with the times” to make relevant application of these eternal principles. Heart Of America’s methods are now becoming the wave of the future for ministry training. In many seminaries, excessive time is spent and emphasis placed on repetition of information that is already common knowledge among most students. By challenging the thinking of students they come to know not only what they believe but also why they believe. Once the student comes to this understanding they are much better prepared to minister to others in their local church. We are continually reviewing and adapting our courses to provide our students with a quality Christian education. We currently offer degrees in Theology, Pastoral Theology, Christian Counseling, Scriptural Psychology, Christian Administration, and Christian Education. As a graduate of Heart Of America you will be uniquely prepared to fulfill the plan of God for your life.

Students can earn undergraduate or graduate degrees from associate, bachelor, master or doctorate levels. Classes may be taken on-line or by correspondence. Major courses of study include: Pastoral Studies, Biblical Theology, Scriptural Psychology, Church administration, and Christian Education.

Students may enroll by calling 816-226-7061 or emailing President Dr. C. C. McCarroll at mccarrollcc01@gmail.com. Additional information including financial may be obtained by clicking the link below. After arriving at Financial Information, scroll down to the information and fees.

Heart of American Bible College is accredited by The International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries.