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Map reveals most popular Internet searches by state.

Most Popular Internet Searches by State

By Dwight Widaman |

The game is over Kansas and Missouri! We’ve been looking at your most popular Internet searches, and the results are funny and alarming!

We were helped with the national real estate site Estately, which compiled a list of the most searched for terms on the Internet in each state.

To find out where residents’ priorities lay in each state, Estately ran hundreds of search inquiries through Google Trends, ultimately putting together a map that defined each state by its number one search term.

Taking the lead for most-searched for term in Missouri was “Family Circus,” (the cartoon) followed by “Neily” the rapper. What are Kansans looking for? Hold on. The number one search in the Sunflower State was “hoof and mouth disease” followed by the TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” Coming in third were Toupees—yeah, the ones on your head.

Family Circus and foot and mouth disease. Who would’ve thunk it?

Commenting on Missouri, Estately said of their findings, “Missouri’s wifi must have gone out sometime in 2002.”

Kansas didn’t get off any easier. Of Kansas, Estately says, “Looks like Kansas finally has something to put on its travel brochures.”

I could have been worse. The top search in other states included: California: Alcoholics Anonymous; Washington D.C.: congressional investigation and lobbyist jobs; Maryland: crabs and David Hasselhoff; and New York: bail money.

For information on other states visit: www.Estately.com