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Selfie on electric transformer kills woman

A woman in Russia who allegedly climbed onto an electricity transformer to take a selfie ended up electrocuted and burned to death.

Witnesses cited in a report by The Sun said local police near the village of Kuznetsy were still trying to identify the woman’s badly burned body.

The only description of the victim released by police is that the woman was 5 feet 6 inches tall.

A phone was found near the scene, which is located about 50 miles east of Moscow, according to the report.

Olga, a witness, was cited in the report as saying: “Most likely she decided that she wouldn’t touch anything and nothing bad would happen. But it is enough only to climb on the transformer structure to get a severe electric shock.”

Police said there have been no reports of women missing in the area that fit the victim’s description. They have appealed to the public for help identifying the mystery woman.

Russia is second only to India for the number of recorded selfie deaths.