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Protesters in Chile now burning churches

chile churches

Demonstrators in Chile are now being described as anarchists by a once sympathetic public after churches became the target of violence.  The country’s Catholic bishops are denouncing widespread looting and arson of ...

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In Cuba, homeschooling will land you in prison


After refusing to send their daughter to a communist school where she was bullied for her faith, a Christian couple is now serving a prison sentence. The husband and wife, both pastors ...

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Cuba ramps up crackdown on evangelical pastors


Authorities in Cuba on Sunday (July 14) refused to allow the national presidents of two Christian denominations to board their flight to Washington, D.C., for a religious freedom event, sources said, according ...

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‘It’s time to rise up,’ Venezuelan general tells military officers in video

A Venezuelan general has called on the country’s armed forces to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro, who has relied on the backing of the military to hold on to power despite an ...

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UN rushes through friend of dictators to lead human rights


The United Nations is being criticized by the United States after the General Assembly’s quick approval – without a vote – of Chilean former government official who has been a friend and ...

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Twenty Nazarene pastors and wives killed in plane crash

nazarene pastors

Christians in Eastern Cuba are mourning the loss of almost every Nazarene church pastor in their region after a passenger plane crashed Friday outside Havana, killing more than 100 people. The dead ...

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