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What’s a tiny apartment like in Japan?

The typical U.S. city has around 1,500 people per square mile. But what’s life like in Tokyo, Japan, where 12 million people reside at a rate  of about 14,339 per square mile? They innovate as in this tiny apartment.

Space is definitely a premium in Tokyo and that is reflected in rent and home prices. Check out the video below and and take a fascinating home tour of an 82 sq. ft (8 sq m) apartment by Living Big in a Tiny House. The apartment is rented by Emma who pays about $600 per month for a space that is only 4 feet wide.

Emma has used ingenious space-saving ideas to make it work but, sadly, she says there’s not enough room to have more than one or two people over to visit–not for long anyway.

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular in the United States with 2018 being a record year for their construction.