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Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon

Future for Israel is bright, says new UN ambassador

The future for Israel looks bright–even obtaining peace with the Palestinians according to Israel’s UN Ambassador UN Danny Danon. This as hostilities at the United Nations loom large and threats from Iran increase.

“Israel is a young country—today we celebrate only 70 years of independence. So, maybe it will take another five years, another 10 years, but once we will find a real partner we will be there, we will be willing to work together with them. The same way we did with the Egyptians and the Jordanians,” explained the Israeli UN representative.

Ambassador Danon made his comments in New York City during an exclusive television interview with CBN’s Gordon Robertson.

He said the United Nations remains hostile territory for the Israeli ambassador, but he praised US Ambassador Nikki Haley for changing the atmosphere of the international body.

“We still see a lot of hostility, but I feel the change. I feel the change especially since Ambassador Haley stepped in a little bit more than a year ago, we achieved a lot at the UN.”

Danon told Robertson there’s still a big difference between what UN ambassadors tell him privately and how they act publicly. He said privately, ambassadors will reach out to him and say how much they appreciate and admire Israel. But then they still vote against Israel.

“My challenge is to close the gap between the private UN and the public UN,” Ambassador Danon said.

Robertson asked Danon about the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA) and claims that it will run out of money this summer if the United States withholds $360 million from the agency.

“In 1949, it was established to support the Palestinian refugees. And unfortunately, UNRWA, instead of supporting the refugees, they are inciting against Israel.”

Danon mentioned US taxpayer supported, anti-Israel textbooks supplied to Palestinian schools by UNRWA.

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“I think the US should consider what they are doing with their funds, with the taxpayer’s money. They should support humanitarian causes, but they should not support incitement.”

Robertson asked the ambassador about the Taylor Force Act, which passed the US House of Representatives last December but had been delayed in the US Senate until just this week. It’s designed to end “Pay to Slay” – Palestinian Authority payments that reward acts of terrorism against Israel.

“I hope it will go through because today, Abu Mazen, President Abbas is taking $340 million from the money he gets from the US and other countries and he gives it directly to terrorists who kill Israelis and Americans,” explained Danon.

The Taylor Force Act is named after a young American army veteran who, in 2016, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv.

Danon said he met with Taylor’s parents recently in New York.

“I told them we salute them for the way they speak and present the case of their brave son and I hope the reality will change and American taxpayer’s money will not be used to support terrorism.”