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Biden touts infrastructure in Kansas City as polls plummet

President Joe Biden was in Kansas City on Wednesday to discuss infrastructure but its the polls that need rebuilding according to news reports.

Biden touted the $1 trillion bill he signed into law in November, the largest in history. The unpopular President made the trip with polls showing his approval rating continuing to slide according to TheHill.com. The tour, which continues across the nation, is part of a message retooling effort by the White House.

Biden, who appeared alert but struggled to follow the teleprompter, visited the Kansas City Area Transport Authority and made remarks on the status of roads in Missouri and Kansas and touted funding for a possible high-speed rail line between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Kansas City’s Zero Fare and Zero Emissions Transit were among the topics of discussion. Biden toured the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority which will receive some of the bill’s $89 billion for public transit over five years. That includes $5.6 billion to buy low- and no-emission transit vehicles like electric buses.

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“It’s gonna be infrastructure decade, now man. No more talking. Action,” Biden said. Kansas City, which has two electric buses, hopes to build a fully electric fleet.

The Kansas City trip came as the White House launched a website, Build.gov, to describe the infrastructure law and ask supporters to upload videos explaining how the law impacts their lives.

Biden may also address the bill’s measures to improve broadband, water systems and a shift to electrical vehicles.

The White House also unveiled a new branding phrase, “Building a Better America,” to promote it. The White House is testing whether investment in infrastructure can boost Biden’s sagging poll ratings.

The administration wants Americans to know about the president’s efforts “to make their lives easier, to deliver for them,” spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One.

But the messaging is being drowned out by inflation that is now at a 40-year high, a labor shortage driven by vaccine mandates and prolonged welfare policies passed by the Democrat-controlled House and Senate and product shortage as thousands of ships remain moored of the nation’s shores.

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