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The aftermath of a wedding turned blood bath.

Child bomber blows up wedding in Afghanistan

Citizens of Afghanistan are mourning after a child bomber carried out a suicide attack during a wedding in Nangarhar–a stronghold of both the Islamic state and the Taliban.

The attack occurred Sunday when at least nine people were killed and 12 others were wounded. In addition to the child bomber, the blast killed Malek Tor, commander of a pro-government militia, and two of his sons. Investigators believe Tor was the target because his group is opposed to the Islamic State group and the Taliban.

It’s the latest human tragedy to hit the country, where American forces are still involved after 18 years,  and comes amid peace talks between the Taliban and government in Doha.

Peace activists are reporting that those negotiations in Qatar are a failure. “The parties are not talking about real peace. We are still waiting for serious discussions,” states Bismillah Watandost, spokesman for the People’s Peace Movement (PPM). “Meanwhile, everyone is trying to get the most for themselves. They are just wasting our time.”

For now, no one has claimed responsibility, but the area is a stronghold of both extremist groups. The attack seems to have brought a to a standstill the road map for peace reached this week in Doha.

That agreement calls for respect and protection of the dignity of the people, lives and property, as well as an end to civilian victims.

–Metro Voice and Wire services