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Crown Financial Ministries offering free Covid-19 financial resources

One of the biggest challenges for any family or organization during the pandemic is making wise financial decisions. Crown Financial Ministries is offering sound, biblical advice at no expense. Thats even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In these uncertain times, it’s all too easy to make rash choices with your money or to have financial hardship forced upon you,” said Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown. “There are principles of personal finance and stewardship that are effective no matter the circumstances. And we’re making them available free to anyone who wants them.”

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The free financial resources include:

  • Steps for Starting a Crisis Budget
  • Needs vs. Wants vs. Desires During the Coronavirus
  • Ways to Give During Social Distancing
  • 7 Steps to Prepare Your Finances for COVID-19’s Economic Impact

The guide to budgeting in times of financial crisis is built around a five-step plan leading individuals to identify available monthly income, prioritize spending and identify short- and long-term areas of savings.

“The needs worksheet helps you prioritize your needs, wants and desires,” Bentley said. “For example, you might want to buy clothes for your child at a nice department store. But in time of crisis, you can meet that need at a discount or thrift store.”

The guide to giving outlines many ways to continue contributing that don’t require money but will make a difference in times of social distancing. Bentley also has written a new e-book with seven practical steps to help people prepare now for the economic fallout of COVID-19.

“You might have lost a job, suffered income reduction, watched retirement shrink or are just frightened,” Bentley said. “I encourage you to take heart and take good advice. God’s principles for stewardship of your resources — time, talent and money — are effective for everyone in good times and bad.”

For 40 years, Crown Financial Ministries has helped individuals, small groups, organizations, businesses and churches learn and apply God’s principles for stewardship and life. Through online resources, financial mentors and career consultants, Crown offers biblically based help for finances, careers and relationships.

Get more information at the Crown website.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice