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Chick-fil-a donation survey favorite

Despite boycotts, Chick-fil-A still #1 with Americans

Even after several years of organized boycotts from Democrat-led city councils to leftist college campuses, Chick-fil-A is still #1.

It’s the seventh year in a row that consumers have chosen the Christian-owned fast-food chain in a survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

It’s an amazing feat for a company that has been banned from college campuses, airports and other venues because of the values held by the founder and owners.

But it hasn’t stopped it from winning the hearts of consumers.

The new ACSI data and survey measures everything from order accuracy, food quality, facility cleanliness, mobile ordering, and staff helpfulness. Overall, consumers gave the chain an 83% customer satisfaction rating.

The subsequent nine highest-rated quick-service chains are Domino’s (80%), KFC (79%), Starbucks (79%), Five Guys (78%), Panera Bread (78%), Pizza Hut (78%), Arby’s (77%), Chipotle Mexican Grill (77%), and Dunkin’ (77%).

The study’s authors said many of the changes made during the pandemic — which changed the way Americans ate out — are likely here to stay.

“People are slowly starting to enjoy sitting down at restaurants again,” said David VanAmburg, managing director at the ACSI. “But don’t discount the value of convenience. During the pandemic, folks got a taste of what it’s like to have food from their favorite restaurant delivered right to their door. And now that they’ve gotten used to this service, there’s no going back. Restaurants need to continue to give customers all the options they’ve become accustomed to over the last year and a half.”

“If not,” he added, “they might grab a bite somewhere else.”

The survey’s 10 highest-ranked full-service restaurants are Olive Garden (80%), Texas Roadhouse (80%), Cracker Barrel (78%), Outback Steakhouse (78%), Red Robin (78%), Applebee’s (77%), Chili’s (77%), Red Lobster (77%), and TGI Fridays (77%).

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