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GreatLIFE manager is passionate about Junior Golf

Ronnie McHenry has had a passion for Junior Golf for a very long time. He first got involved at age six or seven. Later on, while pursuing golf at Washburn University, he worked with young golfers during the summers. And now, as the resident pro and manager at GreatLIFE Golf at Western Hills, he heads up the Junior Golf program for GreatLIFE in the greater Topeka area.

McHenry, a native Topekan, says he likes getting kids started off right in golf at a young age, which helps them learn it faster and get more enjoyment from a game they can play their entire lives.

McHenry and GreatLife Golf and Fitness have a vision for Junior Golf that includes perpetuating and growing Junior Golf and making it affordable, accessible and fun for all Junior Golfers. The program is a comprehensive, structured endeavor for Juniors ages 7-15.  It includes personalized Instruction, Junior tournaments, an Adult/Child Tournament, range ball passes and Miniature Golf. The company says the reasons to be involved are to build character, make friends, learn values, and get exercise while playing golf, including practicing and playing miniature golf.

The program was redesigned this year by McHenry and includes three week-long Junior Golf Camps, to be held in June and July at GreatLIFE facilities at Western Hills, Shawnee Country Club and Berkshire. Campers will receive a tee-shirt and a backpack, and will be served lunch each day. McHenry says campers will receive training in grip, swing, attitude, posture, rules and etiquette, among other things.

At the end of the camps, participants will take part in an Adult/Child Tournament, which will include 9 holes of golf in addition to miniature golf.

McHenry has been at GreatLife at Western Hills since January first. Previously, he was Golf Pro at Dodge City Country Club. He is available for golf lessons for adults and kids yearlong. For more information contact McHenry at GreatLIFE Golf at Western Hills by calling 785-478-4000 or email him at Ronnie.McHenry@GreatLifeGolf.com.


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