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pro-life conversations

Help for Christians navigating pro-life conversations

As the United States marks the first anniversary the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many individuals are grappling with how to engage in conversations with those who disagree with the decision. For Christians, especially, discussions on the sanctity of life can be particularly sensitive, prompting them to ponder the appropriate responses to those with contrasting viewpoints.

Recognizing the need to assist believers in addressing the confusion and disagreement surrounding the Dobbs ruling, James Spencer, President of the D. L. Moody Center, has published a valuable resource called “20 Questions: Christians, Abortion, and the United States.”

This guide aims to provide answers to twenty potential queries, equipping Christians to effectively communicate Christ’s message in a post-Roe v. Wade era. It addresses questions related to biblical and theological aspects, the role and extent of the state’s authority, the ruling itself, and offers guidance on discerning truth online and pointing individuals towards Christ when responding to those who oppose the ruling.

“The fundamental task for Christians remains unchanged,” emphasized Spencer. “We are called to be disciples and make disciples. However, the complexities of our broken world often complicate this simple mission. Following the monumental Dobbs v. Jackson decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade and declared abortion as not protected by the Constitution, Christians will inevitably encounter numerous questions. While we should rejoice in the ruling, we must also be prepared for what lies ahead.

“’20 Questions’ seeks to help Christians approach those who staunchly support the pro-choice stance with compassion while providing biblical and theological insights into the broader subject of abortion. It offers a distinctive perspective by evaluating the church-state relationship, taking a deeply theological approach to Christian responses to the pro-choice camp, and drawing valuable insights from the Old Testament concerning abortion,” he says.

Spencer expressed his hopes for the impact of this question set: “My intention is for readers to not only find answers to questions and responses to objections but to also serve as a reminder that we cannot neglect proclaiming the Gospel, even in the midst of advocating for the unborn—an issue of great significance. Safeguarding the unborn and reaching the lost must go hand in hand because Christians do not have the privilege of selecting who should hear the Gospel. Our mission is to direct others to Christ.

“As Dwight Moody once stated, ‘God has placed us where we are, and He expects us to shine—to be living witnesses, to radiate His light. While we are here, our duty is to shine for Him.’ We now find ourselves in a world post-Roe v. Wade, and our responsibility is to shine brightly for Christ in this new reality.”

For more information about having these conversations and to get your free copy, visit their website HERE.

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