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The Innovation Summit hopes to equip attendees with ability to create solutions with out-of-the-box ideas.

Innovation Summit Challenges Believers to Think Outside Box

The public is invited to learn how to develop innovative and creative applications for the workplace at the 2014 Joseph Company Innovation Summit, Aug. 14–16 at the multi-purpose room in Joseph Company Ministry, 3535 E. Red Bridge Road,
 Kansas City. Attendees will hear from a panel of believers who have implemented successful ideas in their spheres of influence, engage in brainstorming sessions, receive prayer, and learn through directed discussions to further develop creative solutions.

The event will help equip marketplace believers to impact their spheres of influence through innovation and the use of technology.

Linda Fields, director of Joseph Company, is excited about the opportunity to bring this to the Kansas City business community.

“At this exciting time in human history, we are witnessing rapid acceleration in technological innovation; we believe technology is a valuable tool to be used for the kingdom of God.”

This year a new feature is a “hackathon”. It will bring people together to solve certain challenges using technology in the context of prayer. A hackathon encourages creative people and strategists to come together in an atmosphere of innovation that would not otherwise occur. This hackathon has the added dimension of personal and corporate prayer.

Linda Fields is the Director of the Joseph Company and contributing writer to Metro Voice News.

Linda Fields is the Director of the Joseph Company.

Fields says the event is perfect for coders, developers, programmers, designers, and others to participate and field teams in the hackathon. Teams will also have the opportunity to consult with mentors with backgrounds in engineering, design, business strategy, operations, and law throughout the duration of the hackathon.

At the culmination of the event, each team will present how they will use technology to advance the kingdom of God to the conference attendees, and winners will be selected.

“Through technology, we have the ability to spread the Word of God to many nations across the earth and glorify His name,” states Fields.

The hackathon orientation session will take place on Thursday, August 14, 9am–12pm. The theme, “Innovating with God,” will be introduced during this session. The closing session and a time of recognition of the teams’s ideas and strategies will be on Saturday, August 16, at 6pm.

“Whatever stage your idea may be this event will help you take it to the next level,” says Fields, “We are honored to host an event bringing together innovators and programmers in this exciting event.”