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Mayor Quinton Lucas

Kansas City mayor welcomes illegal immigrants drawing fire from Missouri AG

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has blasted Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas for saying immigrants who enter the country illegally through the southern border are welcome to come to the city. Lucas says they can work under the Department of Homeland Security’s immigrant parole program.

“An illegal alien from Venezuela, who had repeatedly flouted U.S. immigration laws, was actually granted a work permit under a misguided and illegal policy enacted by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas,” Bailey wrote in a letter to Lucas that he shared with Fox News. “In February, he brutally murdered a young college student named Laken Hope Riley.”

Lucas failed to acknowledge this and openly welcomed all seeking refuge in Kansas City.

“Yet, against the backdrop of literally millions of illegal aliens flooding our borders, overwhelming the social safety net of large American cities, and in some cases even committing violent crimes against our citizens, you are actively encouraging them to come to the Show Me State,” Bailey wrote

Bailey referenced a social media post from Lucas: “All are welcome in Kansas City. Proud to work with my fellow mayors from Denver and NYC as we work to ensure decompression of new arriving communities.”

Bailey said allowing and welcoming illegal immigrants violates a Missouri law that prohibits state businesses from hiring or employing illegal immigrants. It also makes it a felony to knowingly transport illegal immigrants in the state. “Make no mistake, my office will do everything in its power to take legal action against any person or entity found to be in violation of these statutes,” he said.

Bailey will join 19 other state attorneys general who are suing Mayorkas over his “disastrous” and illegal parole program that unlawfully creates a pathway to citizenship for hundreds or thousands of illegal immigrants.

Bailey’s letter to Lucas came a day after Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., gave fiery testimony to the Senate for striking down Mayorkas’ impeachment trial. Hawley joined other Republican lawmakers who tore into Secretary Mayorkas on Thursday over the release of the Venezuelan illegal immigrant now charged with the murder of Laken Riley, accusing the agency of having released him into the United States unlawfully.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice


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