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It’s Christmas season again…already!

Can you believe it? It’s Christmas season again…already.

It seems like I just reseeded and fertilized the yard yesterday. That was almost 3 months ago! It’s Christmas season again…already!

I heard some weatherman say that we’ve already had more days of snow this year than we had all of last winter. I don’t know if that’s correct or not, but one thing I know for sure…It’s Christmas season again…already!

I’m not really ready to get the Christmas tree up, get out the Christmas decorations, wrap presents…but it doesn’t really matter because…It’s Christmas season again…already!

I wonder if God ever thought that sort of thing. You know…up there in His heavenly city…sitting in His favorite orange Lazy Boy…feet propped up in front of the fireplace…going over His checklist:

  • Creation in 6 days – Check.
  • Disciplined Adam, Eve, & Satan for throwing creation into chaos – Check.
  • Fixed problem after Cain killed his brother – Check.
  • Got Noah started on ark – Check.
  • Opened up the rain spigots, erupted fountains from the deep, move all the landmasses and reconfigure the surface of the earth with a flood – Check.
  • Selected Abraham to begin a new line-age of holiness – Check.
  • Picked Moses to perform great miracles and lead Israel out of Egypt – Check
  • Appointed David as king – Check.
  • Patiently extend loving grace to Abraham’s descendants under a variety of kings– Check.
  • Sent angels to Joseph and Mary – Check.

Then suddenly He realizes…It’s Christmas season…already! I’ve got to get Jesus down there and throw My redemption plan into full gear!

Okay, it didn’t happen quite like that, but I hope you get my point here.

The Christmas event that we celebrate, the incarnation of Jesus as an infant child, was no afterthought. It was not a single isolated event. It was part of a redemptive plan that kicked in when Adam and Eve improperly ate that fruit from a restricted tree. They intentionally refused to obey God. They sinned.

From that point forward, all of history was directed to the arrival of Jesus to His parents, Mary and Joseph, in that nondescript stable. That remarkable history event was the foundational formation for the even more monumental passion events at the conclusion of Jesus’ ministry on earth. All of history pivots on the fulcrum of that redemption action.

And now we find ourselves moving toward history’s coming climactic event: the victorious return of Jesus.

Yes, it’s Christmas season again…already. But that serves primarily as a reminder that before we know it, the season will change into the King’s glorious arrival with His army of angels.

One of these days, maybe soon, we’ll be thinking: It’s Glory day…already!

What a great season that will be.


– Steve Seehorn, Minister at Rolling Hills Christian Church in Topeka