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Learning Jewish Beginnings and Why Israel Matters: free classes July 29

This Monday, July 29, you are invited to consider a five-week class on one of two critical topics for Christian (and Jewish) learning. Going into its 23rd year offering studies for Christians and Jews on the historical Jewish setting of the New Testament, the Messianic Jewish Institute of Kansas City welcomes all new students.

classesClasses will be held 6:30 – 8:45 pm each Monday evening through August 26. These  5-week crash courses are developed from the regular 12-week classes, making them convenient and easy to attend. Interested people can attend the first night at no cost for an overview of topics.

Christian Beginnings in Judaism

The first course is “Christian Beginnings in Judaism.” We will introduce the student to how a small First Century Second Temple Jewish sect, of Jesus followers became a predominantly non-Jewish religion; and “what got lost in the mix!”


Jesus was Jewish. His followers practiced within the Judaism’s of the day. Why and how is the fact that Jesus was Jewish significant for knowing and following Him better?

Paul was a faithful religious and Torah observant


Jerry Feldman

Jew. So, what’s with the Torah-less Gospel Christianity has represented him by – and how do we rediscover “Paul the Jewish Theologian.” And what about that issue of “law and grace?’

We will discuss the faithfulness of God to His covenants with Israel and how the “Church” has reoriented how we understand and define “the People of God.” The goal is to restore covenantal order, the faithfulness of God and what might be a better way forward for Judaism and Christianity as they significantly reconcile the historical and theological underpinnings that have created the greatest schism in human history; namely between the ”Synagogue” and the “Church.”

Israel Today

The second course will be “Israel Today.” Essentially it will be a historical survey of why the State of Israel matters and the confirming of her right to exist. We will survey most particularly the modern Zionist movements of the 19th century on through the Balfour Declaration after WWI San Remo Conference, years of Arab terrorism and wars, War of Independence and the International Laws that established and secured the State of Israel among nations beginning in 1948, the 1967 Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the PLO, and the question of the Palestinian Arabs. We will discuss “today” and where things might and in some cases need to go. Of course, we will keep our Bible open on this journey.

All are welcome to attend ‘free” for the first evening and if then you want to register for the remaining of the course, you can return the following week and register. Course costs: $65 per student. Half price for spouses if taking the same course.

The classes are held at Adat Yeshua, 8512 Stearns, Overland Park, Kan.

For more information on the classes call (913) 888-7272  or visit the Jewish Roots Institute online.

–By Rabbi Jerry Feldman