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Local distillery partners with Heart to Heart to provide sanitizer

It may not rival Jesus turning water into wine, but McCormick Distilling Co. in Weston is now turning alcohol into hand sanitizer. The company, which calls itself the oldest business in the Kansas City area, is producing the “Helping Hands” hand sanitizer under its Holladay Distillery label.

“We know these are frightening and increasingly desperate times,” said Mick Harris, president of McCormick. “Our team has been working within the evolving federal guidelines, and we can assure the public that the hand sanitizer we are distributing is fully compliant with FDA regulations, is safe for consumer use and most importantly, meets the minimum standards set forth for effective sanitation in a health-care setting.”

distillery sanitizerThe distillery has partnered with Heart to Heart International to facilitate donation to health-care facilities and first responders in the area. Heart to Heart is a global humanitarian aid organization based in Lenexa that distributes medicine and medical supplies to charitable organizations and aids in disaster response.

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“Heart to Heart International has a long history of delivering medicines and supplies throughout the Kansas City community,” said Dan Neal, vice president of operations for the organization. “Working in partnership with Holladay Distillery, we will ensure that Helping Hands hand sanitizer gets to the facilities and organizations that need it most.”

The distillery has been in communication with both the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency and the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, and Heart to Heart will manage distribution of hand sanitizer to these emergency management agencies as well.

“Helping Hands” is being distributed free of charge to health-care facilities and first responders in 1.75- liter bottles. The company also is producing 200-ml bottles for sale to consumers, with profits being used to fund the continued production of the 1.75-liter bottles for donation to health-care facilities and first responders. McCormick’s first run produced almost 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, resulting in 15,000 1.75- liter bottles and 48,000 200-ml bottles.

The 200-ml bottles can be purchased online at www.holladaydistillery.com/helpinghands. The bottles are $2 each but are sold in packages of five for a $10 total cost. Purchase is limited to two packages per customer. Once purchased online, customers will receive information about curbside pickup at the Holladay Distillery Welcome Center in Weston.