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OVERCOMING OBSTACLES – Life Lessons from a Little One

My son and I like to build obstacle courses throughout the house. We overturn chairs, move furniture, repurpose pillows and clutter the floors with whatever large objects we can find. But the fun isn’t just building them and then plowing through; we like to guide one another… blindfolded.

Jessica S. Hosman

We got a little more ambitious than usual the last time we played and created more climbing walls and tunnels than ever before. Which meant we had to trust one another more than ever before. As I led Zechariah, I knew exactly where I was leading him, even though he could not see. He was confused and uncertain because the path was quite different that our usual, but he smiled and breathed sighs of awe when we ended the course and walked through again with eyes wide open.

He had his turn to change up the course and guide me too. I admit, the darkness and void of nothingness I saw as he led was a bit scary (especially when he’d mix up his lefts and rights and accidentally walk me into a wall!). But I knew, despite the uncertainty, he would eventually lead me to safety through the dark path. We switched up the course a couple of times and took turns leading one another through. The nervousness was there, but the giggles and joy by far overshadowed it all. Afterwards, we talked about how our course paralleled our walk and trust in God. We can’t see Him and often don’t know where He is leading us or why; but always, we can trust Him to guide us safely on the right path.

There will be times – perhaps countless – when we are walking a direction that doesn’t appear to make sense. Maybe we feel blinded by confusion or chaos and can’t see the next step ahead. But just as I knew where I was leading Zechariah though he could not see, so our Father knows what He is guiding us through and why. We don’t have to see or even feel His guidance to know its there. We can know it’s there simply because we’re His.

Zechariah was confused of his whereabouts, but he trusted me. And ended up having fun throughout the process, laughing uncontrollably most of the way. If only we could have the same joy-filled trust… laughing in the face of adversity and trusting in the midst of chaos!

As unexplainable as it may seem at times, the path God has for us is ultimately good. And His plan is for joy along the way. We might not see it now, but one day we will. I’m confident that one day we’ll look back on the path that once seemed so dark and see clearly the reasons for all the bumps, detours and boulders on the road. I don’t want to wait until then to embrace the joy of the journey. I want to close my eyes now, take a step of faith and fully trust the One I cannot see to guide me down this bendy, crazy, chaotic path of life. And as my son will daily remind me, I don’t want to forget to take time to laugh a little along the way. Join me in the journey. Take a step forward. Embrace each obstacle as it comes. Put a smile on your face. And trust the Invincible to guide you through the impossible today.


– Jessica S. Hosman


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