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Televangelist Jim Bakker faces bankruptcy after promoting fraudulent Covid-19 cure

Televangelist Jim Bakker, who is based in Branson, told viewers this week that his ministry is facing bankruptcy unless they purchase his products.

Credit card processors refused to work with Bakker after be promoted a fake remedy called the “Silver Solution” as effective against the coronavirus, “Newsweek” reported. This resulted in legal challenges that are likely the reason he is now having to pay for lawyers.

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“We are living in the final days and if we go the wrong direction, America is through,” Bakker told viewers. “You have to use a check (to purchase products). Your products are going to come to you. Every one of them will come to you, come right to your house, and if we can’t, we are going to refund. I will sell the buildings, parts of the buildings at Morningside in the long run if you give me a chance. Don’t let me have to file for bankruptcy.”

He also claimed that his critics wanted his “head on a platter” but insisted that God was on his side as he vowed to succeed, despite having to pay for lawyers that he said were out to “bleed” him.

“They’re already bleeding us to death, and now we’re going to have to pay lawyers that will bleed you to death,” Bakker continued. “I know that they are watching me right now, and they’re having a ball. They’re having a ball, and they’re saying, ‘Wow, we got to… we’ve whipped Jim Bakker finally.’

“I believe that God wants me not to stop when some anti-Christ person stops me. I’ll tell you what, you all may want my head on a platter, and you may get it, but I’ll be gone to heaven, and you’re not going to win.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice