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Thousands of teen girls to descend on downtown KC for Revolve Tour 2011

Brings together teen girls for a weekend of sharing and encouragement

KANSAS CITY, MO – Every teen girl loves to dream … about who she wants to be, what she wants to do, who she wants to date and what direction she wants her life to go in. The REVOLVE TOUR, a production of Thomas Nelson Live Events and sister event to the popular Women of Faith event series, presents a special opportunity for teens to share their dreams and perspectives about themselves, life and relationships with others in electrifying, girls-only, 2-day weekend events throughout the country.

On February 4 and 5, The Revolve Tour will come to Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri

The Revolve Tour, which will take place in 12 cities across the United States through April 2011, provides a high-energy, interactive atmosphere that is part concert, part humor, part drama and 100 percent fun. With an emphasis on the power of story, teen girls will gather together to hear inspiring, highly relatable messages of how other women have made it through challenges with the help of their faith, and they can, too. In addition, girls will walk away feeling inspired and believing that they are loved – just the way they are. The Revolve Tour is appropriate for all junior high and high school girls, churched or un-churched. All are welcome.

“The Revolve Tour provides an opportunity for girls to look around a big stadium filled with other girls and see that they’re not in this life alone,” said Leslie Reed, vice president of marketing and communications at Thomas Nelson Live Events. “At the event we encourage girls to open up about everyday situations they face, create bigger conversations amongst themselves and provide them with opportunities to make wise and healthy decisions.”

The Revolve Tour will feature appearances and/or performances by the nation’s top faith-based recording artists, performers, speakers and authors, including: