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Voting for new Topeka flag ends soon

Topeka will soon have a new flag. Voting is going on now to choose between designs submitted by community members.

Last October, the public voted on four designs, and gave feedback on the designs. Designers used the feedback, to create new designs, and now the people of Topeka can vote again.

“It’s another vote, but we really want it to be community based,” Lindsay Lebahn, Executive Director for Forge, said. “And we want everyone to be proud of it.”

Forge is an organization dedicated to the economic development of Topeka. They have released three final designs to be voted on to be the newest symbol to represent Topeka.

“We’re proud of our city,” said Brittany Crabtree, a volunteer who helped with the flags. “A lot of change is happening and its time that we have a symbol that we can hang that says, ‘This is us.’”

The themes of the three options are similar. They include blue to represent the state flag and a sunflower to represent being the capital of the sunflower state.

“It’s the people’s flag,” Lebahn, said. “They were in it on every process and so we really want to make sure that if someone wants to print a visor, they’ve got a visor. We don’t want to hinder them.”

You can vote by going to topekaflag.com or texting your choice of A, B or C to (785) 425-4393.

Voting ends at midnight on April 9th.


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