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pro-life rally
Jan. 24 Rally For Life at the Kansas Capitol in Topeka. KFL photo.

Pro-life Kansans unite for compassion-driven legislative agenda

pro-life march

Pro-lifers march to the Capitol in Topeka. PHOTO: Metro Voice

On Wednesday, January 24, thousands of members of the pro-life movement met at the Kansas State Capitol for the annual March and Rally for Life. Many pro-lifers met with legislators and visited vendor booths of organizations that support the pro-life movement. At noon, the march began at Topeka Performing Arts Center and continued to the south steps of the Capitol building.

The event clearly showed the movement’s unwavering support for unified pro-life action that prioritizes care, compassion, and legislative policies that will actually save lives.

Jeanne Gawdun, Kansans for Life Director of Government Relations, provided an overview of KFL‘s 2024 legislative priorities, which focus on proposals that protect the safety of women and provide resources for women who choose life for their babies.

Gawdun noted that Kansans for Life will work collaboratively with engaged pro-life citizens from across the state to call upon elected officials to:

  • Enact life-affirming tax reforms
  • Protect women from coerced abortions
  • Safeguard women’s health through the Ultrasound Safety Act
  • Protect and expand “Alternatives to Abortion” funds
  • Begin child support at conception
  • Improve abortion reporting

“Now, more than ever, is the time for Kansans to focus on policies that will actually save lives in spite of the Kansas Supreme Court’s extreme 2019 Hodes ruling,” said Mackenzie Haddix, KFL Deputy Director of Communications.

“With abortion industry statistics showing exponential increases of up to 20,000 abortions performed in Kansas in 2023, it is clear far too many women are being pushed to believe abortion is their only choice. Our legislative agenda seeks to provide compassionate help for any woman in need,” said Haddix.

Featured speaker Tatiana Bergum, human trafficking victim advocate from Minnesota, travels around the country to collaborate with others on the subject. She spoke on the connections between coerced abortion, human trafficking, and the abortion industry.

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Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson and Kansas House Speaker Dan Hawkins also addressed the crowd, while pro-life legislators stood in support of the shared life-saving agenda. Hawkins mentioned the pro-life bills passed last year, which had to overcome Go. Laura Kelly’s veto. Three of the bills passed with a veto override. Masterson talked about the born-alive bill, which protects babies born alive from being killed, and the women’s right-to-know bill, which makes sure women know the facts about abortion and the abortion pill. He said it was incredulous that there even had to be a bill passed to ensure these rights.

Many organizations and individuals came together at the March and Rally for Life to show unity and dedication to the cause.

“Today’s rally shows the pro-life movement will continue to work, day and night, to protect life, defend both mother and child, and provide what the abortion industry never will — authentic care and compassion for women facing unexpected pregnancies,” said Danielle Underwood, KFL Director of Communications.

—Lee Hartman – Metro Voice

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