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Awaken the Dawn is coming to Kansas

Last year over 50,000 people went to Washington, D.C., with 1,600 worship teams from all 50 states, for Awaken the Dawn 2017. Every state had their own tent, and they spent 50 hours praying and worshipping for a shift in our nation. The result was a shift in the nation’s capital, prayer movements birthed, prayers answered, people healed and lives forever impacted.

This year every state in the nation will meet at their own capitol.

Awaken Kansas, September 27-29, is a movement of worship, prayer and missions, mobilizing a family of believers drawn together around the presence and power of Jesus. The mission is to see a generation mobilized and galvanized with the glory of Jesus and the presence of God, culminating in a revival in the church. This event will be held simultaneously with all 50 states – three days, millions of people, day and night – in public, outdoor worship flooding the nation with the presence of Jesus.

Organizations like Every Home for Christ – Dick Eastman, National Day of Prayer – Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Intercessors for America, CWA, Capitol Commission, Aglow, Culture Shield and others believe it’s time to awaken the Body of Christ to outreach, and are asking the Father for Harvesters, declaring “The Harvest is ready.  The gospel was made to go viral.”

Holy Convocation begins at 5 PM Sep. 27 on the South Steps of the Capitol, 310 SW 10th St. in Topeka.
Everyone from each region is asked to bring a cup of seeds from their crops. There will be continual prayer, praise and worship for 50 hours following, to 9:00 PM Sep. 29.

“Never before in the history of our nation has an event like this taken place,” noted Donna Lippoldt, Director of Culture Shield Network, “with every state in the nation, on their capitol property, praising the Lord outdoors, and seeking His Presence, all on the same day, at the same time – crying out for Mercy and Grace.”

You can be involved in outreach, prayer, connection with others and spreading the word. Volunteers are needed for setup, takedown, security, welcoming, etc. Financial support is also needed. There is training scheduled by Evangelism Explosion at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday the 27th at the Dillon House directly west of the capitol.

You can also like and share the facebook page Awaken the Dawn Kansas to help spread the word.

You might also want to consider a tour of the Kansas Capitol and pray through it. There’s a prayer room on the 2nd floor. You can schedule a tour by calling 785-296-3966.

There is a block of rooms reserved under Culture Shield for Awaken Kansas at Senate Luxury Suites, 900 SW Tyler St. in Topeka (1 & 1/2 blocks West of the Capitol). The rooms are reasonably priced. Call 785-233-5050 for reservations.

The state leader for Kansas is Donna Lippoldt of Culture Shield. She can be reached at donna@cultureshield.com or 316-516-0777. Go to www.cultureshield.com for more information.


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