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Deacon Calvin Robinson. Photo: Wikicommons

British minister warns of dangers of progressive Christianity

Deacon Calvin Robinson, a Free Church of England minister, says progressivism is the greatest threat facing the western church.

He argues that the term “progressive Christian” is an oxymoron and said the liberal, neo-Marxist thought that has infected the minds of some leaders and congregants in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches is “one of the devil’s tools” being used to destroy Christianity from within.

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Robinson, who is black, is a staunch proponent of Christian orthodoxy and uses his media platform to warn about relativism and liberalism supplanting clear Christian teaching. He says that Christians who prioritize liberal ideas of inclusivity are twisting the truth of Christianity.

In recent months, a contingent of Roman Catholic bishops in Germany has insisted on blessing same-sex unions; Anglican bishops have given serious thought to updating the “Our Father” with gender-neutral pronouns; and Pope Francis has knocked American Catholic conservatives at war with liberal ideologies, claiming they have a “reactionary attitude” and ascribing a character of “backwardness” to them. American Christians at large also have found themselves confronting an encroaching culture of “anti-racism,” climate change activism and an assertive LGBTQ agenda.

Robinson described liberalism as dangerous because it’s “rooted in twists of the truth.” After stating that Islam is “famously a Catholic heresy,” he said, “but liberalism is even more warped in terms of taking something that sounds compassionate, sounds empathetic, but isn’t actually fully true in order to get people to believe in it, such as trans queer theory, gender theory, critical race theory.”

He further explained that each of these radical liberal ideas “comes from one place,” saying, “And it’s really — I mean, we call it neo–Marxism — but it’s really communism, which we know is incompatible with the Christian faith, because it is the work of the enemy.”

When asked about Christians who believe they can support liberal ideologies or consider themselves progressive Christian, Robinson was emphatic.

“Progressive Christianity is an oxymoron,” he said. “You can either be a Christian or you can be progressive. Progressive Christianity is about twisting the truth again. It is all a lie. You can either have the truth or not the truth. The truth is objective, right? So you have truth or lie.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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