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Consider the Cross: Stories from Arab and Persian viewers of Christian television

Across the Middle East and North Africa, people are coming to Christ as a satellite TV ministry encourages them to “Consider the Cross.”

Sat-7 is a Christian satellite broadcasting ministry reaching into dozens of countries and touching tens of millions of viewers. During this fifth week of Lent, Sat-7 gives also encourages supporters to look at the ministry through their Consider the Cross effort. They share what people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are writing to the ministry either by email or in social media messages.

“Not all the people below are Christians, but Jesus is still making Himself known in personal ways to each one, sometimes in nations where less than 1% of the population are Christians(which include three of the four countries represented below),” the ministry states.

As Easter approaches and we “consider the cross ourselves, Sat-7 encourages us to pray for each person below as well as people in your life who may need to hear about Jesus’ sacrifice for them.

Here are just a few stories of Sat-7 messages touching hearts:

The responses have been translated into English.

“Your words are gold. Most of the time, I use negative words on myself in hard situations and illness. But may God forgive me. You preached a harsh lesson to my heart. Thank you. I’ll try to fight negativity in Yeshua’s name and share the Gospel here in Tunisia.”

–Makram* in Tunisia

“Thank you for your amazing SAT-7 KIDS programs. I appreciate it every time you send a pile of books to my son –  he really feels special and unique because of you. He loves the Bible stories and memorizes the verses. After he had heard a story, he closed his eyes and prayed with you. I’m grateful for those valuable stories and the way you care for kids.”

–Jinan and her son in Egypt

consider“I am longing to know more about the Bible and Jesus. I regularly watch your programs and I am very grateful to you for allowing me to express my opinion here. I am thankful for your answers.

“I grew up in a religious family and my father was a very devout person. He always said we should try to lend a hand to those in need and serve as much as possible. I loved my father very much and I have tried to act on his advice.”

–Shadmehr in Iran

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“I am a non-Christian, but your channel is really affecting me and I want to watch it constantly. I’m watching it secretly from my husband and my son, but I realize there are so many things I don’t know about Jesus Christ; I see no harm in learning more. I enjoy watching you and I thank you. Can’t wait to see what more I will see.”

–Ceyda in Turkey

Another story is that of a 20-year-old Muslim woman from Algeria named Sara. Marianne Awaraji Daou, SAT-7 Arabic Channels Audience Relations Manager shares her online encounter with the young woman.

Sara had been heartbroken and disappointed by love and she shared her comments on the SAT-7 Youth Facebook page. Sara shared that she had a disability, which made her feel that she was not worthy of love as other girls are. She wanted to be loved but felt inferior. Marianne helped her to understand her value through God’s eyes and that she is worthy of being loved. “I feel so relieved just talking to you guys,” Sara shared with Marianne. “I’ve never seen these values in my community, and I love the way you Christians love each other.”

Marianne says that she told Sara that anyone can have a relationship with Christ. “‘He sees what’s in your heart,’ I said to her. We are continuing to communicate with her and pray with her. If she wants to know more, when we feel she is ready we will encourage her to join a discipleship course online,” Marianne says.

With most people in the Arab world still at home, or unemployed because of Covid lockdowns, many more are watching Christian programming. Consider joining other Metro Voice readers in daily prayer for these individuals and the millions watching the programming.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice