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Dr. Phil. Photo: video screenshot.

Dr. Phil blasts “intellectual rot” of pro-Hamas rallies at colleges

Phil McGraw, better known as television’s Dr. Phil, does not mince words as he condemns the “intellectual rot” he sees pro-Hamas protests on U.S. college campuses.

“The Hamas invaders were not soldiers; they were assassins,” he posted on X. “The Hamas charter calls for the ultimate annihilation of all Israeli Jews, followed by the annihilation of Jews around the world. Sound familiar? Sadly, some people — including some right here in America — actually celebrated the slaughter and blame those being murdered, raped and kidnapped.”

The reactions to the students embracing Hamas, he said, reveal a “disturbing degree of ivy-covered intellectual rot” at some of the country’s top-tier universities.

“Americans nationwide have been appalled and shocked,” Dr. Phil said. “The leadership of these supposedly highly sophisticated schools are so busy virtue signaling and coddling students who think that words are violence but [actual physical] violence — horrific, inhumane violence — is social justice, that they have forgotten it is their job to teach their students to think and to test reality.”

He went on to say that he is no expert in geopolitics but made clear during his impassioned, five-minute monologue that he doesn’t need to be one to clearly see Hamas’ attack against the Jewish state as “utterly sick, twisted, disgusting and inexcusable.”

“Have some of these people gotten together and collectively lost their minds?” he asked. “We know right from wrong, and we must stand up for what we believe and know is right. We must call out these institutions. How is any of this acceptable to anyone? How is it not recognized as incredibly racist? How do elite educators not recognize this is a huge teachable moment in the students’ journey?”

Similarly, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher recently rebuked those on the left who have been supporting Hamas, saying on a recent episode of his own show, “It’s just amazing to me that the American left — so much of it — throws their lot in with people whose values I hope they don’t share.

“By the way, if the Israelis did get rid of Hamas, they’d be doing a giant favor to the people of Gaza, who hate Hamas, too. Religious tolerance: that doesn’t exist in Gaza. You’re either a Muslim or an infidel, and you’d better be a Muslim.”

–Dwight Widaman


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