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Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Public Domain

Holocaust memorial event and “Living in a World at War” seminar this weekend

Do you feel you’re in the midst of a battle? Images of protests, war, and hostages may seem far away but they can affect us in very personal ways.

Two events will take place this weekend putting the headlines in perspective, including remembering the Holocaust.

International historian and author Dan Gruber will serve as the guest speaker at Yom Hashoah, Holocaust memorial service Sunday, May 5 at 5:45. The event is free and open to the public. It also comes at the end of a weekend seminar.

Gruber is an expert on history from a Biblical worldview, a well-known author of 10 books and has taught on five continents. He has aided Holocaust survivors especially in Europe and Israel; interviewing and hearing their stories, the few that are still alive. A popular speaker, he has been to many former concentration camps while engaging with academic and religious minds, challenging age old presuppositions while providing messages of reconciliation and healing.

The Holocaust Memorial Service will be held at The Light KC, 10001 W. 88th St., Overland Park, Kan.

Dan has a compassionate, poignant and Biblically-based presentation that each of us should hear.

Beginning Friday night at 7pm, Gruber will lead a weekend seminar titled “Living in a World at War – Perspectives from Genesis 37-50” this weekend, May 3 – 5, 2024. It will focus on Life as Part of the Battle – Self, family, your country, International and Israel and the Jewish people. The seminar will take place at Adat Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation, 8512 Stearns St., Overland Park, Kan.

His topics range from faith and government to the relationship of Christians and Jews and the place of Israel in modern headlines. Some of his most popular books include: “The Church and the Jews”, “The Messianic Writings” and “Copernicus & the Jews (The Separation of Church & Faith).

Through these books and many lectures, he also rebuts replacement theology, an antisemitic belief that wrongly teaches God has broken his covenant with the Jewish people and replaced it with the church.

He also works to bring about reconciliation and healing in light of the Holocaust and has offered unique insight on how “Christian Europe” became a killing field for Jews.

Friday evening will include a Shabbat service with workshop sessions being held Saturday after the Shabbat 10:15 am service. Lunch is provided on Saturday before three different sessions scheduled for 2, 3:15 and 4:30 pm. The seminar resumes on Sudnay with brunch and a Q&A session with Gruber at 10:15am until 12:30 pm.

The seminars and meals are included in the registration fee of $35 for individuals and $50 per couple. You may join at the door for $45 plus $15 for meals.  All paid registrants will receive a Zoom link if attendance at all seminar sessions is not possible. All registrants in turn will receive all recordings of the sessions. Sunday’s Q&A will not be Zoomed.

Register at adatyeshuakc.com.





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