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Caleb Schwab

First Schlitterbahn trial started Monday

Monday saw the first trial in the Schlitterbahn water park tragedy take place more than two years after 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was decapitated.

That slide “Verruckt” has been closed ever since.

Several people are facing criminal charges including two men who worked in maintenance at the park.

Monday saw the beginning of jury selection. 60 people were called for the pool of jurors.

John Zalsman and David Hughes worked maintenance at the park when Caleb Schwab died there in 2016. Each of them is charged with one count of interference with law enforcement.

The alleged interference happened after Schwab’s death.

Court documents say the two men told investigators a brake mat was never put on the second hill of the ride, but evidence from June 2016 showed a brake mat on the slide.

Although this case is being tried here in Wyandotte County, Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt is leading the prosecution.

The company is facing 19 charges in Schwabs death.

The co-owner of Schlitterbahn water park, Jeff Henry and ride designer John Schooley are charged with second-degree murder for Schwab’s death. Neither has yet gone to trial.

Operations Manager Tyler Miles is facing a lesser charge of manslaughter.

As for the ride itself it’s still standing but likely not for much longer.

In August a judge said it is time for Verruckt to come down. That can happen as early as November.