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Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham. Photos: WikiCommons.

Greg Laurie, Franklin Graham condemn “pure evil” of growing antisemitism

Christians must speak up in support of Israel, says Pastosr Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham.

“One of the primary reasons the modern state of Israel was created was so Jewish people could have a homeland in which they could live their lives in peace and safety,” he wrote. “There have been Jews living in their homeland of Israel, given to them by God himself, continuously for 3,000 years. But thousands returned in the aftermath of the Holocaust, and Israel again became a nation on May 14, 1948.”

The Anti-Defamation League said in a report last week that antisemitic incidents in the United States had increased 388 percent since the October 7 Hamas attack, compared to the same timeframe last year. “This antisemitism is pure evil,” Laurie wrote. “We as Christians must speak up for our Jewish friends and speak out against the evil being perpetrated toward them.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham also spoke out against antisemitism and referenced the storming of an airport in Dagestan, a Russian republic, where a mob began searching for Jews upon the landing of a plane from Israel. Graham also mentioned the shutting down of the Brooklyn Bridge by pro-Palestinian protesters.

“We are seeing escalating protests all around the world,” Graham wrote. “Antisemitism is a dangerous cancer that is rearing its head everywhere we look — it’s not hiding anymore. Have these people missed the fact that Hamas attacked Israel? Are they overlooking that Hamas brutally murdered 1,400 Jewish men women, and children and took over 230 hostages? We are still hearing details of the barbaric atrocities they inflicted on their victims. They are open about their goal to kill all Jews (and Christians) — it’s no secret. Yet the protests go on.”

The Brooklyn Bridge had to be closed Saturday because of hundreds of anti-Israel protesters. In Dagestan, hate-filled anti-Israel protesters stormed the airport where a flight from Tel Aviv was landing and they thought Jewish evacuees were on board.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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